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AWCi 2015 Sessions

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Artists and Workers of Color | 2015 Sessions

Artists and Workers of Color Initiative - 2015 Sessions:
Collective Reading, Research and Production

AWCi is interested in a collective exploration of race, gender, and class, as they relate to art workers and art institutions, both past and present. For this purpose we welcome collaboration with other artists, writers, researches, educators and activists of color to join in this collective exploration. We would like to make our research material easily accessible and hope others will join and share their knowledge and experience.

Two initial lines of activities:
1. Documents of Resistance: Reading, researching protest letters by artists of color. We are looking to get a better idea of the demands and impact made by artists of colors who protest cultural institutions in the past and present. What demands were/are being made? What were/are the response? and how is it being followed through? Materials will be gleaned from archives, oral histories, photo documents, the letters of protest themselves, and supplemental theoretical and critical text by persons of color.

2.Collective Timelines: From Civil Rights to Artists Rights, over the course the year we will try to map out important events by artists and activist of color. For example groups like Spiral, Black Panthers, Brown Berets/Chicano Movement, Young Lords, Women Students and Artists for Black Art Liberation... 

Suggest another activity in the comments below.

Session 1: January 24th  3-5pm
Artists, Workers of Color Collective Timelines 

Session 2: Feb. 14th 3-5pm
More info coming soon...


Next class being planned for: Saturday, February 14th, 3-5pm
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