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AWCi Session 1: Collective Timelines

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In this first session we will discuss the intersection of art and activism by people of color. We will map out the events and activities by civil rights groups and artists groups like Spiral, Black Panthers, Brown Berets/Chicano Movement, Young Lords, Women Students and Artists for Black Art Liberation.

This is a collaborative learning session. Anyone wishing to add texts, books or links to existing timelines and pdfs, please do so. You can also bring any writing/colors, markers to help mark up the timeline in your way. We also have a printer for printing text/graphics for image transfers.

Triangle Association
20 Jay Street #318,
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Saturday, January 24th, 2015
Saturday, January 24, 2015 - 15:00
Triangle Residency, 20 Jay Street, 11201 more
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Hi Kara,

We first made a list of the things fromt that period that we knew happened (political/cultural) and researched others. From there we began making the timelines. I made a small packet of stuff that I was looking at in regards to artists of color/activism from that period.

Come to think of it - it might be nice collective addition to the project if people made small packets to share during the next timeline making session. So in the end we have a bigger, deeper, diverse selection. What do you think?

Some folks in the group want to continue again (We were about 8). Maybe a month from now, like Sat Feb 21st. Think you might be up for it?


are there pdfs availble to look at ahead of time... or will we just look at them together during the session?




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