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The Public School Berlin was initiated in September 2010.

how to build a methane digester?

  • Put a chicken in your tank: "You just put about three buckets of manure into a sealed oil drum. Put a small oil heater under the drum to keep the manure at a steady 80 degrees. There are two microbes in the manure which, when heated, eat each other - this produces the gas. You can collect the gas in bottles or in plastic balloons for storage. Then all you do is feed the methane through an adapter into your carburetor - and you've got chicken power. I keep replenishing my manure supply.

hot water and gas from wood piles

There are some small scale companies offering to build up a wood pile for water heating and gas production in the german speaking area of austria, swiss and germany. The principle is to use the compost warmth and the produced methane during anaerobe digestion in the inside for heating, cooking and even to fuel your car if you wish.

Agamben on Debord

This post was made to the blog for The Society of the Spectacle reading

Written in 1990 it mentions this event at Timisoara which I had not come across before:

Pretty heavy. The last section of the Agamben essay - titled Tiananmen - is particularly interesting given the prescience he attributes to Debord throughout the text and given the backdrop of Occupy to the classes.

I enjoyed this class and would like to continue it at some stage.



english language to be used in the class `pseudoscience in psychology`

English may be used in the course as well. I suggest we may read sth out of the following:

How to Annoy Facebook

Just saw this: from this I guess it won't work for you US folks, but will try it when we do this abroad! -c

Dear All

This post was made to the blog for Arabic for Beginners

Dear all,

I hope, you are all doing well and that you are still interested in learning Arabic!


My name is Louloua. I'm from Egypt, Cairo. I study politics at the Potsdam University and I teach Classic Arabic at the SKB (Sprach- und Kulturbörse der TU berlin).

A friend of mine called Diego (interested in learning Arabic as well) encouraged me to give Arabic classes in the Public School Berlin. So here I am offering my services.


In order to organize it well I need to know from you the following:

1. Who is still interested in Arabic? (The larger the group is, the nicer is the atmosphere; better group dynamics according to my experience, language games are more fun in large groups)

2. What is your level in Arabic? (beginners, advanced,..)

3. What are your expextations? For example, do you want to learn slang (however it will be only the Egyptian slang) or classic Arabic? ...


Flusser Lesegruppe

This post was made to the blog for Flusser Lesegruppe
Hello everybody, just wanted to send you some info about date and structure of the class. We start on both days (July 21 and July 22) at 3pm and end at about 7pm or later depending on the state of discussion and our endurance. Also, we could end the days with a bbq in the courtyard. Over the course of the two days, Claudia Becker and Rodrigo Novaes from the Vilém Flusser Archive as well as Paul Feigelfeld (Humboldt University Berlin, Institute for Media Theories) will guide us through readings of "The Crisis of Linearity", the unpublished essay "Imagination" and a chapter of Novaes’ recent English translation of a Portuguese version of the "Vampyroteuthis infernalis". The seminar will commence with a short screening of an interview with Vilém Flusser and a brief introduction to Flusser's life and work. Afterwards, the structure of the seminar is very simple: each of the short texts will be read out aloud and discussed along the way.

Screening on Friday 8th

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On Friday July 8th, 8pm I am hosting a screening of Oliver Hanley and Adelheid Heftbergers filmessay
" There is no history without archive" (33min.). After this we 've planned to see the foto-reconstruction of Lev Kuleshovs film "Dochunda". It would be nice to see you - 
at Heinrich-Roller Str. 7, 10405 Berlin
bfn Anke

flusser class is coming soon!

This post was made to the blog for Flusser Lesegruppe
hello everybody, the flusser seminar will be held in collaboration with the flusser-archive of udk berlin and takes place on a weekend in the second half of july. The seminar will be facilitated by paul feigelfeld from hu berlin and claudia becker as well as rodrigo novaes from flusser-archive. the class will take place over the course of 2-days. On the first day we will read more well known texts of flusser and on the second day dig into his rarer work from the flusser-archive. the main language will be english but the class is supposed to be sort of bilingual so everybody is welcome to comment, question, talk in german, we will figure out the communication out together! the readings will be announced via the class notes soon. fiona


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