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The Public School Berlin was initiated in September 2010.

Readings for the first session of Bíos

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Readings for the first session of Bíos, meeting 29.01.11 at 13:00 (please note the time change): Roberto Esposito. Bíos. Biopolitica e filosofia (Milano: Einaudi, 2004). Trans. Bios: Biopolitics and Philosophy (University Of Minnesota Press, 2008). Chapters: Introduction, “The Enigma of Biopolitics“, ”Biopower and biopotentiality“. [pdf] Judith Revel. “Identity, Nature, Life: Three Biopolitical Deconstructions”. Theory Culture Society: Special issue on Foucault, Vol 26, n. 6 (2009). [pdf]



Final reading list for No Other Impossible Worlds

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Reading list for No Other Impossible Worlds..updated & final! (I deleted the Tiqqun text since we are reading TCI.) Cannibalist Manifesto by Oswald de Andrade and Leslie Bary Annotated translation of Oswald de Andrade's "Manifesto Antropófago", 1928. The Congress in Collected Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges (new addition: we mentioned having some fiction and this seems like a good fit for the day.

Possible Readings

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Hi all, Moving this thread into a note so it doesn't get mixed up in the comments. So far, the suggestions are: Organized Networks by Ned Rossiter's papers The Coming Insurrection by the Invisible Committee A Thousand Machines by Gerald Raunig @lberriosnegron, is there particular excerpts from these texts that you think would be fitting? It seems like with TCI that we could focus on something from the latter circles.

Previously on Neoliberalism and Human Capital...

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Hi everyone,

I thought it might be useful for you all to see what we read when this class was held in Los Angeles last March. All these readings should be on AAAAARG (the tab above). Let us know how it goes!


Week 1

Michel Foucalut, The Birth of Biopolitics, pp. 215-237. (March 14th lecture)
Gary Becker, "Human Capital", pp. 1-11.
Gary Becker, "The Economic Approach to Human Behavior", Part 1, pp. 3-14


Week 2

Michel Foucault,  "The Birth of Biopolitics," (March 21 lecture) 

Milton Friedman,  "The Power of the Market"
Milton Friedman,  "The Relation between Economic Freedom and Political Freedom"
Milton Friedman,  "The Role of Government in a Free Society"

F. A. Hayek,  "The Use of Knowledge in Society"

General note concerning the seminar in berlin

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Dear participants,

my name is Dirk and I proposed the seminar "neoliberalism and human capital" at the public school berlin and also proposed to teach it. The proposal is a copied proposal from the same seminar, that was held at the public school in los angeles.

My major interests in the topic of the seminar concern questions of neoliberal governance. That is why I would be very interested in reading texts of the chicago boys (friedman, becker, shultz). Especially gary becker and his economic approach to analyze human behaviour have become incredibly important for neoliberal governing in the last decades.

That also has a lot to do with the general perspective of the seminar as developed in the introduction note, namely the question of the consequences of a global neoliberal framework on the level of every-day life or "every-day governance".


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We are excited to announce the opening of THE PUBLIC SCHOOL BERLIN. On 18 September at 19:00 we will hold an event at Program ( called The Future of THE PUBLIC SCHOOL BERLIN


The Public School has moved

We will be writing more about this soon, but Telic Arts Exchange and The Public School have moved and from now on all classes will be held at the new location, which is 951 Chung King Road.


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