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  • The Public School Class - SUNDAY 5/8

    Join us on Sunday afternoon to learn more about The Public School while eating some delicious soup. If you've had questions about the way The Public School works (what classes get chosen? why? what is the decision-making process?) then come down and ask. If you have ideas about how the school could work better, this class is intended to be one opportunity to put them forward. And if you just want to get more involved in the administrative life of The Public School, you can come and find out how.
  • Thank You for Swapping

    Telic Arts Exchange has released new publications under the label Editions. These DVD's and books are available to purchase at The Public School and from our online store.
  • EDITIONS Launch + Book Swap<br>April 25, 6:00-9:00 <br>at The Public School

    Celebrating the release of recent publications from Telic Arts Exchange -Events (2003-2008) - The Public School Yearbook 2008 - Distributed Gallery #1: Tom Moody - Gravity Art (DVD) - Jordan Crandall: Showing (DVD) - Horror Show (DVD) BOOKSWAP Bring a book, take a book! Literature, art, architecture, theory, how-to manuals, anything goes… The book swap is an opportunity to trade in an old favorite for some new reading material. Bring just one, or bring a pile.
  • Ceci n'est pas une CAA - recap

    Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in our weekend program during the CAA conference. Unlike the big event down at the convention center, we welcomed everybody to join a long, open, informal conversation. The schedule is posted here. imageimage
  • Ceci n'est pas une CAA

    The Public School is hosting its own conference with many of the same amazing people who are visiting Los Angeles for CAA. Ours will be free; it will be modeled as a long, open, informal conversation, occasionally interrupted by screenings and short presentations; and it will encourage as much overlap, cross-pollination, and running over time as possible. Drop in and drop out when you can - the following schedule is a guide to what might be happening.
    FRIDAY 5:00-? 5-6* Michael Gerald Bauer - Vagabondism 5-7 Scott Rigby - Plausible Artworlds
  • New website!

    Welcome to the new & improved Public School website. Take a look around & try out the new features: a more sophisticated browsing system; an activity feed; class recommendations; your own profile; and much more! If anything doesn't work, please let us know as we are still working out some kinks. Stay tuned for more information and upcoming events.

  • Serra School Schedule

    The Public School will be offering the following classes for the next four Sundays in the Richard Serra sculpture(s) at LACMA. To take any of these classes, you will need to register in advance (by the Friday before the class begins) so that we can put you on the list for entrance to LACMA. Visit the link for the class and then click the Google Checkout button. October 19th:
  • Hegemony and Antagonism

    This reading group will involve a close reading of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe's "Hegemony and Socialist Strategy" and selections from Mouffe and Laclau's writing on Antagonism. We will also explore related texts by Richard Rorty, Jurgen Habermas, and possibly Hans Blumenberg. Date: September 14, 23, and 28 from 7-9pm (3 meetings) Location: TELIC Arts Exchange Teacher: Chandler McWilliams Limit: 15 people Fee: $30.
  • Time Banking Workshop

    Learn how to set up your own time bank. Looking for an alternative to the cash economy? Time banking builds self reliance and relationships. Time banking is a "pay it forward" system for weaving community. When you spend an hour doing something for your neighbor you earn a time dollar. Then you can spend a time dollar to have someone in your community do something for you such as, dog walking, tutoring, yard work, haircuts and massage. We are all assets. There are 65 time banks in the US and 300 world wide. Los Angeles only has two. Lets build a network of branches.



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