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The Public School Brussels relaunched as The Public School for Architecture Brussels in April 2014.

félicia's friends

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cool! tu peux demander à tes amis de s'inscrire? c'est super important comme tu sais...



address for the class

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dear all

in order to organize my wednesday class and give you the address where it will take place

please send me an e mail at


watch out!  because we'll be on a small space, there will be only 12 seats! the 12 first e mails will be on the list.





Learning (or not) from Schaerbeek chart

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chart from the introduction of the workshop

a chart summarizing the main points and the course of the workshop

Crisis Management (Crisis Beleid)

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 'Crisis Management' was realized as a collaboration work of Ehsan Fardjadniya and Koert Jobse (Dec. 2009)


Who is Real? ( Episode I )

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This is Episode I of three episodes film questioning the Christmas and image culture! A try to create an unusual picture of Sinta!

Video would be uploaded soon... 

Museum Night Amsterdam

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Museum night intervention (Nov. 2009) was a reaction to the popular policies of the art museum or institutions for this night!

The Museum Night Intervention is an start of an experiment of self-organized interventions, exhibitions and performances that are consciously decided to take place outside the art institutions or rather the "white cube". An experiment and a try to argue a new wave of Institutional Critique as artists practice. A method of critique that can criticize the Institutionalized Critique or as S. Sheik said: " A machine of control within new modes of governmentality- politics and education"

this proposal resonates with the one of Alain Servais "what is art?"

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This class that asks fundamental questions about art from the point of view of a personal research could meet some questions that are very large addressed in the proposal of Alain Servais: "What is art?" tout le monde en parle en discute les détails et les formes
mais avons nous pensé à son rôle, son but, sa fonction? Au niveau individuel? Au niveau social?
Qui sont ses acteurs?


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