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Building a Website: In (3) Parts

Organizing Committee:


This class would introduce fundamental tools in site building, and then expand design possibilities in web and interactive media. The first session would introduce the hardware of a webpage, how to create an empty page, planning a page (as suggested in the comments: web standards, semantic web, XML); the second would demonstrate how to fill the page from scratch using X/HTML and CSS; and the third would introduce Adobe Dreamweaver using the languages learned in the earlier sessions.

Perhaps the first session approaches the reverse engineering of a webpage, rather than a "workshop" of the teacher giving instructions to people sitting around with their laptops. The product could be displayed, and its approach and techniques explained so that a laptop is not necessary.

It would be great if students came with a project in mind, or something started from another class, refine or collaborate with other students, through the series or in just one of the meetings.  If there is interest, the multi-class format would allow the integration of readings/ examples/ theory.



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Just a reminder to all that the third and last class of this series meets tomorrow, Sunday 4/10 at 1:30 PM at 177 Livingston. It is suggested, but not required, that you bring a laptop if possible. Hope to see you all there!

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Hi denniszen and sukjong, the first class lasted about two hours, and we will try to keep to that for the remaining two. Hope you can join us!

i can make the second and third sessions. how long is the class per session?

Hello, I plan on attending tonight and wondered how long the class is? I searched and only found the starting time. Thanks.

I'm not sure I'm going to motivate out of the house this evening for more than grocery shopping, so Ehud, could luck and I'll will be at the 2 and 3rd sessions.

@hearcolors: For the first session you don't need a laptop. Depending on your learning style you may wish to take notes, but we won't be practicing anything until session 2. See you all there.

Hi all,

I'm quite excited for the first session tomorrow evening. As it is suggested above, I will not plan on bringing my laptop. I just want to make sure that I will not be missing out on anything we are learning without it? Yes?

Thanks so much! See you tomorrow!

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Hi all,

Please see posted notes for the outline of each class and a list of HTML/CSS resources.

Those planning to attend the first session: please RSVP using the tool above. If you are planning to attend later sessions, but NOT the first, please wait to RSVP after the first class has happened. This will help us to better gauge attendance.


I'm Deaf, so I hope you all have good slides!! Still excited to participate.

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Internet has been hooked up, but should be used somewhat conservatively.


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