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#whOWNSpace GREENPOINT: Observe, Diagram, Intervene

Organizing Committee:


This Public School NYC studio/class will use design and urban theory to critically study the design, ownership, and rules of Greenpoint's open spaces and infrastructure as part of the #whOWNSpace project. The lens for the studio will be on neighborhood power dynamics around space, focusing on the potential of open space to create democratic vitality. 
Meet up: 155 Freeman St, Brooklyn Facilitators: DSGN AGNCDoTank:BrooklynBRUNO596 acres
Twitter: #whOWNSpace#GRNPNT



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Almost forgot, you can find information about upcoming events at 155 Freeman at

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Thanks to all who participated in #whOWNSpace Greenpoint! What an amazing introduction to our new neighborhood.

I also want to extend a special thank you to DSGN AGNC, DoTank:Brooklyn, BRUNO, and 596 acres for organizing this kick ass class. I'm looking forward to part two.

If anyone has ideas/events to share, please feel free to post them here in the comments section.

Thanks, again!

Thanks for the great class. Keep me posted for future events, Erin Sickler, curator, OWS Arts and Labor.

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Hello friends,

Just sending a reminder. #whOWNSpace GREENPOINT will start tomorrow at 1:00pm at 155 Freeman. The organizers have put together an amazing class so you're in for a treat. It will include an hour-long walk through Greenpoint so wear comfortable shoes and bring lots of water. Accuweather says we'll have some sun then clouds with a high of 45 degrees and a low of 31.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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