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Courses being organized

  • Architecture and Power

     We are continuously confronted with a combination of circumstances in architecture that are decidedly affirmative of existing relationships of power; existing conditions taken at face value soliciting architectural solutions as purely pragmatic response. This situation needs to be questioned.

    Being organized in Brussels | 1 meeting
  • Cloud-Based Institutional Critique

    Few corners of the art system remain untouched by the utopian solutionism of tech entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley logic. Rhetoric about “liberation,” “transparency,” and new “disruptive” digital models have begun to dominate debates that have raged in the arts for centuries, from the museum’s relationship to the public, the artist’s position in the art market, and the role of pedagogy and criticism in an ever-expanding, ever-commercialized art world. Recently several well-known examples have sparked passionate arguments from all sides. But is the art system broken?

    Being organized in New York | 3 meetings
  • No More Bad Meetings

    This class will meet every other Wednesday from September 17 until December 17, 2014meeting (noun): a gathering of people for a particular purposeLearn how to hold efficient meetings, build common ground, make plans, and have meaningful discussions.The approaches presented in this class ensure that everyone's perspective is heard, and that what is important to each person, and their contribution, is honored in the final product or decision.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 8 meetings
  • Rammed Earth Construction, Politics and Society

    There are many advantages to earth constructions but the two main disadvantages are : compressive strength and labor costs. I've demonstrated the feasibility of it's strength in large projects (4 storeys high) using high safety factors. When it comes to labor costs, there are some interesting social aspects that might help to get around it, such as co-operative associations and participatory construction.

    Being organized in Brussels | Class Blog | 1 meeting
  • Reading Group on I.I. Rubin’s “Essays on Marx’s Theory of Value”

    In the hopes of facilitating subsequent discussions/readings on value-form theory, and more specifically the Wertkritik of Krisis, Exit!, Anselm Jappe, Norbert Trenkle, Robert Kurz, and other value criticism(s), we propose starting first with the basics. Isaak Illich Rubin’s seminal book, “Essays on Marx's Theory of Value” is a foundational piece of writing for the value-form approach to Marxist theory.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 6 meetings
  • Society of the Spectacle: with Ken Knabb (7pm)

    THE SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE A discussion group facilitated by Ken Knabb Guy Debord's "The Society of the Spectacle," originally published in Francein 1967, is probably the most important radical book of the twentiethcentury. In this group we will be reading and discussing Ken Knabb's newannotated translation of Debord's book. The group will meet every Tuesday evening from August 12 through October 28(socializing 6:30-7:00, discussion 7:00-9:00).

    Being organized in Bay Area | 12 meetings
  • UTOPIAN CINEMA: Film Screening & Discussion Series

    For at least 40 years, cinematic depictions of dystopia have been more or less ubiquitous in our culture. The converse, however - films about utopia - are extraordinarily rare throughout film history.This dearth of specimens is probably the reason why films depicting utopia have rarely been considered alongside one another or theorized as a genre.But we want to do just that.Each Sunday evening in October, we’ll watch a different “utopian” film and then discuss it as a group.

    Being organized in Utopia School | 5 meetings
  • Value, Capitalism, Communism

    A seminar led by Jasper Bernes. The seminar is designed to run for three sessions. For our first meeting, we will read a chapter — entitled Value, Time, and Communism” — that Gilles Dauvé has added to a new edition of his classic 1974 text, Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 3 meetings
  • [psfa-bxl - outpost charleroi] shopping on film

    this class proposes a series of films on shopping, screened in the passage de la bourse. the neo-classical shopping passage once filled with vibrant stores and boutiques, of which today only one remains, sits at the center of the commercial development poised to regenerate the ville basse. the films will show different ways shopping environments are conceived from the merely imagined to the fully planned and programmed and how these environments affect the users and contexts they sit in.

    Being organized in Brussels | 2 meetings

Past classes

  • The Native and the Refugee

    An open research platform initiated by Matt Peterson & Malek Rasamny to investigate the experiences of Palestinian refugee camps and American Indian reservations. Through the Public School, we will organize and host discussions, screenings, and reading groups, to help compile and share our ongoing research and engagement on the history and horizon of the shared struggle of Indians and Palestinians for autonomy.

    Being organized in New York | Class Blog | No meetings
  • “The Passions Are Proportional to the Destinies”: A Brief History of Utopian Socialism

    Long before the back-to-the-land-ers and hippy communes of the 1960s, there were the utopian socialists. Rather than advocating revolution or reform, hundreds of thousands of men and women set out to construct ideal societies in miniature - founding hundreds of communal villages across the United States and elsewhere. 

    Being organized in Utopia School | 1 meeting
  • Birdhouse presents 4-D Sculpture

    Birdhouse, the experimental art department of the Bay Area Public School, is pleased to announce our upcoming ‘4-D Sculpture’ survey course. Based on notes for a class taught by the American artist Paul Thek from 1978 to 1981 at a free art school in New York City, we will explore sculpture in the expanded field through the creation and group critique of students’ work. This class is open to beginning and experienced artists.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 2 meetings

     Se está hablando de «una modalidad existencial cada vez más frecuente: la de las ‘vidas grises’: hombres y mujeres jóvenes que están sin disposición a afrontar ‘lo intenso’».

    Being organized in Buenos Aires | 2 meetings
  • Training Spiritual Warriors : Conversations with Lynice Pinkard

    Please join us at the OMNI for informal conversations with Reverend Lynice Pinkard. We'll figure out what we're going to talk about when we meet: themes are likely to include empire, organizing, conflict, racism, justice, and love. Lynice Pinkard is a pastor, teacher, and healer in Oakland, California. Her work is dedicated to decolonizing the human spirit and to freeing people from what she calls “empire affective disorder.”

    Being organized in Bay Area | 3 meetings
  • Vampire Poetics

    Vampire Poetics will imagine what Vampire Poetics might be through reading and discussion of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Joseph Valente’s Dracula’s Crypt, Alice Notley’s Songs and Stories of the Ghouls and Jalal Toufic’s (Vampires) while keeping Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nosferatu, Shadow of a Vampire, Blacula and other movies, books, manifestations of popular culture and local politics in mind.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Dialectics of Feminism and Technology

    Dialectics of Feminism and Technology, a class led by Alex Cruse Tues. 7-8:30 PM, in one of the Bay Area Public School rooms of the Omni, 4799 Shattuck(room locations will be more stable as we settle in to the building!)

    Being organized in Bay Area | 3 meetings
  • Chess Club

    playing chess together!

    Being organized in Bay Area | 5 meetings
  • Reading group for Bruno Latour: An Inquiry Into Modes of Existence

    This is a proposal for a New York-based reading group specifically focused on Latour's recent text: An Inquiry Into Modes of Existence (AIME). AIME is an effort to perform "an anthropology of the Moderns", in response to modernism.

    Being organized in New York | 1 meeting
  • Stir It Up! : A Soup Class

    We will gather to prepare, cook, and eat soup. Anyone who wants to make soup and/or eat soup is welcome to join us.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 6 meetings
  • Book’Em: Personal Archives + Open(ing) Access to Books

    Archives often refer to institutional collections (as monuments of modernity) while with recent technological development, individual users can access to and own more and more digital objects, and it seems urgent to address the question of personal archives, that presents to us at the same time an epochal change as well as a political question. This talk address three main questions: 1)Why is it necessary to talk about personal archives? 2) How can one define a personal archive and its difference from existing cloud computing services?

    Being organized in Berlin | 1 meeting
  • Early Agamben: A Seminar with Adam Kotsko

    This seminar will focus on the early work of the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, beginning with his book 'Infancy and History: On the Destruction of Experience', with the possibility for continuing on afterwards with 'Language and Death'. Adam Kotsko is visiting the Bay Area and has agreed to facilitate the seminar. Come join the discussion on Agamben! Meetings will take place every Monday at 4:00pm, starting on June 30th. We'll read up to the first 34 pages for class number one and go from there.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 5 meetings
  • A Post-Occupy Introduction to the History of Radical Politics

    The recent economic crisis, the Occupy movement, the Arab Spring, and the increasing precariousness of people--now in US and Europe as well--have all contributed to a sense that the world has reached a volatile moment. In fact, this volatility--the result of un- or underemployment, debt, and the foreclosure of political possibilities post-Occupy--is now, for many, our daily lived experience. This class will investigate the history of global struggles against economic inequality, racism, patriarchy, and other forms of domination that came into question during the Occupy movement.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 4 meetings
  • Reading Testo Junkie

    In her thought-provoking Testo Junkie, first appeared in Spanish in 2008 and then published in English by The Feminist Press, New York in 2013, Beatriz Preciado outlines a new cartography of sexuality in what s/he calls “pharmacopornographic” regime, a bio-political mode of governmentality in which sexuality is controlled through the capitalist production of drugs and spectacle.

    Being organized in Berlin | 2 meetings
  • IX-709: Stochastic Polyagogies: Reading Iannis Xenakis’s Formalized Music

    Any musical piece is akin to a boulder with complex forms, with striations and engraved designs atop and within, which men can decipher in a thousand different ways without ever finding the right answer or the best one... –Iannis Xenakis

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 4 meetings
  • Dérive #3

    Tomorrow (June 14th), noonish, we'll meet somewhere in San Francisco to begin our dérive.Contact us at Hieronymous1866 [at] if you'd like to join us.

    Being organized in San Francisco | No meetings
  • Natural History on Foot

    Join us for weekly walks through the many habitats of the Bay Area and beyond. We'll begin by exploring our own backyard: the East Bay Hills, the hidden watersheds, canyons, shoreline, and, of course, cityscapes. From time to time, we hope to explore farther landscapes too. Sometimes we'll invite people with special knowledge to join us (mushrooms? insects? rocks? reptiles?). But over time, we'll find that our widening circle will embrace more and more knowledge to be built and shared. Meetings: 8am Tuesdays, with occasional other times announced in advanced.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Alice Notley Reading Group

    This is a reading group around the work of Alice Notley, in anticipation of the upcoming conference at the Bay Area Public School, "Alette in Oakland." Her work will be read in chronological sequence, and those attending will be provided with all the texts needed. Bring chocolate, berries, cheese, martinis, and any other compliment which distills prolonged discussion. We will meet in Laura's garden and read until the sun sets and we can no longer see what we are reading. No assignments, no prompts, no maintenance, only reading out loud until the light dies away.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 4 meetings



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