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    This summer, the public school for architecture brussels goes wildlife!

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    Architecture as a profession and a practice is constituted by a set of codes and conditions that embed the discipline within a regulated environment of production and exchange. What does it mean for Architecture if these formal protocols are transgressed and space is produced under the conditions of an informal economy? This series of classes will ask how architecture can operate within an alternative economy and what that implies for its users.

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    Being organized in Brussels | 7 meetings
  • Architecture and Power

    Architecture and PowerWe are continuously confronted with a combination of circumstances in architecture that are decidedly affirmative of existing relationships of power; existing conditions taken at face value soliciting architectural solutions as purely pragmatic response. This situation needs to be questioned.

    Being organized in Brussels | 10 meetings
  • Rammed Earth Construction, Politics and Society

    There are many advantages to earth constructions but the two main disadvantages are : compressive strength and labor costs. I've demonstrated the feasibility of it's strength in large projects (4 storeys high) using high safety factors. When it comes to labor costs, there are some interesting social aspects that might help to get around it, such as co-operative associations and participatory construction.

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    THE MENTAL MASONRY LAB is an artistic project of Cédric Noël and Mira Sanders that invites the spectator to reflect on public space through exercises of the imagination. It is a practice in constituting a space.THE MENTAL MASONRY LAB resulted from a question: how can we develop a tactic that would allow our imagination to blossom when faced with the preponderance of those urban signs intended for collective use? CONTEXT

    Being organized in Brussels | Class Blog | 2 meetings
  • Ecohousing - techniques, art in design, purpose, collaboration, examples

    alternative construction methods: strawbale, sandbag, self-bearing, foundations free, green roof, green-house, rain and grey water management, clivus multrum, endless constructional possibilities...natural construction materials:wood, clay, straw, cane, flax, rattan, cork, celulose, coconutsecondary materials (glass bottles, old tires)natural mineral components (silt, sand, gravel, rock, perlit, keramzit, glass foam)traditional recipes with use of animal products (kasein, manure, wool) for high performance

    Being organized in Brussels | 1 meeting
  • (not so small) revolutions: Project Morrinho and Project Row Houses

    (this class proposal is, ideally, for Brussels, where I'm based, as I'd very much like to give this seminar). The proposal consists of a presentation with a film screening and a Q&A session. The presentation would start with an introduction about the role of art in society - can art produce social change?

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    Let's have a poster designing class in which we make posters for the launch for THE PUBLIC SCHOOL FOR ARCHITECTURE BRUSSELS ! Anybody interested ?To support The Public School for Architecture Brussels - and to provide it with some nice promotional material - Wolke is organizing a poster class on Wednesday 16/4.Come over, have a drink, wear make-up and design a poster!  18:00 - 21:00 : public poster class.19:30 : presentation of the public school for architecture brussels by Lars

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    Friday, November 25th 2011 / 18.00-21.00 / Komplot (Brussels) 295, Avenue Van Volxemlaan (Forest / Vorst)   Didn't you ever notice how close the Big Bang and the Gang Bang are? It all started with a bang adorned by the commotion of the birds: it was the outbreak of the anus that had been castrated by the heterosexual regime in exchange for the stabbing privilege of masculinity. From then on everything changed here, between the trees of the woods in Forest, the woods of the Gang Bang Forest.

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  • postvandalism

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  • Art Scene / Art Market? in Freestate, Oostende

    Taking Belgian art history as a starting point to the discussion about how art can be made spontaneously by groups and in reaction to political events like 68 or more recently the economical crisis. Questions like: How to create art scenes and how to react to the art market? will be addressed by a panel of professionals and the audience. speakers: Damien Airault (curator, Le commissariat, Paris) Johan Pas (Art Historian, Antwerpen) Heidi Ballet (Komplot) Véronique Depiesse (Komplot)   Please write a note if you have suggestions!

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  • Experimental Dollars in Freestate, Oostende

    Starting from "art as a commodity, commodity as an art" (Boris Groys)

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  • With My Tongue in Your Cheek

    With My Tongue in Your Cheek is a staged work written and conducted by Stéphane Querrec. It is a continuation of his performance work which took place at Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht (NL), Pages Magazine Tehran (IR), Bonner Kunstverein (DE) and Kulturhuset Stockholm (SWE). The project will be developed and tested in a number of presentations. The first of these presentations took place in FLACC in December 2010. The second prsentation will take place at Komplot (Brussels) at 13 March, 16h00 and the last will be at De Voorkamer (Lier).

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  • La fermeture du musée d&#039;art moderne de Bruxelles

    La mort d’un Musée     février 2011    BruxellesLe musée d’Art Moderne est fermé depuis le premier février 2011, sine die et sans alternatives.  Sans alternatives ? Que non ! Après une année de travaux et de rénovation des anciens locaux, on le remplacera par un Musée Fin de Siècle, le Musée 19, le musée  de la fin du XIXe. Et ça va marcher ! C’est sûr.

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  • &#039;Holiday Art&#039; by Annie Davey and Cathleen Chaffee

    ANNIE DAVEY : "The artist residency promises immersion, displacement and seeing the world with fresh eyes. From the ‘time out to think’ residency to the ‘make work for a show abroad’ residency, in this class Annie Davey will discuss the artist residency from the position of ex-resident at Komplot. She will present a mini history of the residency, touching on her favourites such as the established idyll (and sexy luxury lifestyle) of Banff in Canada and her own un-official residency on the site of Black Mountain College, USA.

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