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Courses being organized in Durham

Past classes

  • Beginning Guitar

    This class will cover basic concepts and techniques like fretting, identifyng notes, and picking/strumming. Students must bring a guitar.

    Being organized in Durham | 1 meeting
  • The College of Sociology Reading Group

           The College of Sociology was an idiosyncratic experiment in activist scholarship that ran from 1937-39. Largely created by a historian of play (Roger Caillois) and a philosopher of excess (Georges Bataille), it drew upon Marxism, psychoanalysis, surrealism, and ethnography to engage what they called "Sacred Sociology." The object was the movement of purity and filth and power in ritual action, with special focus on contemporary rituals that had been neglected by anthropology like military pageantry, the circulation of commodities, and city planning.

    Being organized in Durham | 2 meetings
  • Mapping as Activism

    The class will run in three parts: I. What is a map, anyway? Map-reading from a critical perspective, and some background on critical cartography. II. Creative counter-mappings: In this section we'll look at counter-cartography, learn about some exciting projects combining mapping and activism, and scheme up some of our own. III. How to make maps -- practical cartography. We'll look at GIS and non-GIS approaches to map-making, check out some open-source tools and data sources, and make some maps of our own! [copied from Public School New York]

    Being organized in Durham | No meetings
  • THE LINE (sexual frontiers of popular cinema)

    This series of screenings and conversations hosted by The Public School Durham at Internationalist Books and Community Center in Chapel Hill.Second thursdays of the month, 7:00 PM.     

    Being organized in Durham | 7 meetings
  • Art Appreciation 101: Modern and Contemporary Art

    Confused by museum placards? Ever wanted to know more about modern art? I am interested in teaching a multi-week class that would serve as an introduction to modern and contemporary art and its study. This course would explain some basic concepts used to describe works of art like perspective, color, composition, abstraction, etc. It would also provide an overview of the historical development of modernism, underscoring the connections between the visual arts and politics, economics, and the other arts (theatre, literature and music).

    Being organized in Durham | 8 meetings
  • Pukulan (Indonesian Kung Fu) and Basic Self-Defense

    For the past month or so a few of us have been meeting weekly in Old North Durham Park to practice Pukulan and basic self-defense skills, and we wanted to extend an invitation to other folks to join us. Since one of the basic principles is that we all teach each other, it seems like a good fit for folks involved in the experiment in autonomous education that is the Public School.

    Being organized in Durham | 3 meetings
  • Reducing and Anonymizing Your Internet Presence

    Even if you've got your popup blockers, antivirus programs, and malware scanners installed there's another problem with the Intertubes: privacy. By now a lot of us have profiles and logins for dozens of sites, not mention those that are storing information that we may not have even intended to give . How do we go about assessing how much personal information we have out there, how do we back away and reduce what we can, and how do we limit our exposure in the future? This course would cover basic strategies and tools for protecting and enhancing your privacy on the internet.

    Being organized in Durham | 1 meeting
  • Stripping for Hackers

    How to strip the carcass of a dead electronic device is an important skill for anyone who wants to experiment with electronics. Taking components OFF of a board and reclaiming them is a different skill set from soldering together the components that you already have. This class would cover the best internet sites for identifying chips and other components, other needed tools (beyond the obvious soldering iron) and the specialized techniques for harvesting components without destroying them.

    Being organized in Durham | No meetings
  • Open PSD organizational meeting - all are welcome!

    The Public School Durham has regular meetings in which organizational discussion and decisions are made in an open forum. Organizational meetings entail the nuts-and-bolts organizational work of the Public School (e.g. figuring out dates for classes to be held and finding locations for meetings); however, they may also include discussions of longer-term strategies for growth, outreach, etc. If you have any specific ideas for the Public School, or just want to be generally involved, or are just curious - please come and participate!

    Being organized in Durham | No meetings
  • Free Jazz: Past, Present, and Future of a Music

    Through the lives of key players from Sun Ra to Han Bennink, we will look at the develpoment and direction of the music known as free jazz. Dr. Michael Pelz-Sherman, who studied with Association for Advancement of Creative Music member George Lewis, will discuss performer interactions in free jazz and other freely improvised music. If there's time, we might try playing some ourselves!

    Being organized in Durham | Class Blog | 1 meeting
  • Visualizing the Revolution: 1960s Cinema in Cuba

    This course would focus on film in 1960s Cuba, focusing on major productions that each reflect a different aspect of film production in the first years of the Cuban Revolution.  Each class will include an airing of one or two films and texts concerning the themes of each film.   1st class:  The Revolution LBJ by Santiago Alvarez (1968) &  Soy Cuba by Mikhail Kalatozov (1964)   2nd class: Death of a Bureaucrat (1966) and scenes from Memorias de Subdesarrollo (1968) by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea   3rd class: Lucía by Humberto Solas (1968)  

    Being organized in Durham | 1 meeting
  • Basic machine sewing

    This would be a 3-part class on basic sewing with a sewing machine. Pt 1 would be basics of how to use a sewing machine, how they work, how to thread them, etc. Pt 2 would be basic pattern use and how to use a few different stitches to construct something. In this class we'd probably make something simple like a bag.

    Being organized in Durham | 3 meetings
  • Art as/is a way of life

    How does art do and un-do the artist and the viewer? How does (and why does) art history and criticism "tame" the radicality of art practices and productions (e.g., Dada, Surrealism, the SI, etc.)? How can art be "used" to re-think life, or does art create a(nother) life, which is to say a(nother) world? How to live that life -- or (inhabit that) world? Readings will consist of selections from Agambin, Bourriaud, Cixous, Jones, Nancy, Ranciere, etc. The class, after the first meeting will decide the readings and the direction of the reading/discussion group.  

    Being organized in Durham | No meetings
  • diy electronics

    I'd like to learn something about any combination of wires, circuits, electricity, and computation; starting with the basics?  I'd be open to learning about physical computing (arduino), too.

    Being organized in Durham | Class Blog | 1 meeting
  • Experimental Literature Cook Off

    We've all read literature in the usual forms. These forms include poems, short stories, novellas, plays and novels... but for most of us, that's it! What other literary forms can be written? What else is out there? This workshop will give an overview of new literary forms, and will include a workshop to define and demonstrate them. First, we’ll make a "recipe" for a form of literature, making sure that the "recipe" describes how prepare the result "to taste". Then, we’ll swap recipes, "cook" with them and have a “cook off”.

    Being organized in Durham | Class Blog | 1 meeting
  • The Egyptian Revolution and its Historical Context

    This class will begin with a group discussion of the current egyptian uprising. We will then join the LA public school via skype for the lecture listed below:   This class (at the LA public school) will be a special presentation by Ethan Pack, who studies Middle East literature and politics, on the revolution underway in Egypt:  

    Being organized in Durham | Class Blog | No meetings
  • art and crime

    There are many writers/thinkers/artists who have equated making art with committing a crime; I'd like a class or reading group that discussed the issue - art as crime AND art as positive transgression (not, of course, mutually exlcluded). Mike Kelley compiled a bunch of quotes in his "pay for your pleasure" exhibit, which I think could be a good starting point:  "If you say that everything - chaos, darkness, anathema - can be reduced to mathematical formulae - then man will go insane on purpose to have no judgment - and to behave as he likes." - fyodor dostoevsky

    Being organized in Durham | No meetings
  • Music Theory

    I'm interested in learning the fundamentals of music i.e. intervals, scales, and modes. I am sure others can benefit from this as well especially those looking to grow musically.

    Being organized in Durham | 4 meetings
  • DPS Social Mixer!

    Come and join us for an evening at Fullsteam in Durham! We will meet on Sunday evening (January 30), 5:00-7:00. Find out about classes that are being proposed, that are being or have been taught! Ask questions, make suggestions!! Find out what the Durham Public School is all about! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! 

    Being organized in Durham | 1 meeting
  • Public Schools of the World Unite: DURHAM!

    Let's get together and make some mail art. Mail art is self-made postcards, envelopes, packages, mail (no shoes), perishables, whatever. You could make a box full of leaves from your city, a collage matchbox, your holiday wrapping paper made into an envelope, anything else you can think of will work as long as it follows the postal rules of your country.  Each person who makes a work will also receive a work at their public school. Address the work to the city's public school address with an Attn: *public school name of member who has "interested" this class.*

    Being organized in Durham | Class Blog | No meetings



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