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  • Multicoloured Dreams kesäkauden Kick-off / Open meeting!

    The Public School happily hosts another happening, organized by the infamous Multicoloured Dreams collective! Multicoloured Dreams kesäkauden Kick off

    Being organized in Helsinki | 1 meeting
  • Open meeting - What is the Public School?

    What is the Public School? What could be possible class proposals? How would you like your Public School Helsinki to be like? Let's discuss this and other things during an open meeting @ the Kalasatama Container Square during its grand opening this coming Saturday, May 21st 2011! The Public School will introduce itself and show some material from past classes and hopes to get new people along. Starting from 2 pm with an open end.

    Being organized in Helsinki | 1 meeting
  • Foraging trip in Helsinki

    Foraging tripTraditionally this time of the year was scarce with food in Finland, since the harvest season was long ago and nothing new was growing in fields yet. But in the forests there is already lot to eat! The newly sprouted wild vegetables are at their most delicious at the moment. Join us for a foraging trip to the woods in Kumpula and learn to know the most common edible plants.

    Being organized in Helsinki | 1 meeting
  • "The Public School: art, collaboration and pedagogy" at LAPSody

    The Public School Helsinki is organising workshops on June 12th connected to the LAPSody conference/ festival (TeaK). Workshops such as Dinosaur Drawing and Sirpale Satu Maa (fragmented story world) + more will be featured throughout LAPSody's closing event SHuSH (at a secret location which will be announced on June 11th). The workshops will begin at 6pm..... more information to come! + additional workshops and/ or ideas are most welcome:) Check for more details!   LAPSody:

    Being organized in Helsinki | 2 meetings
  • Sirpale Satu Maa/ Fragmented story world

    Sirpale Satu Maa: Kehittämme tarinoita työpaja tillantessa. Palapeli satu. Tutkimusmatka, kertomus. Omaelämäkerta ja/ tai fiktio.     Tekstuaalinen taiteellinen tutkimus mikä käyttö pätkiä monesta eri elementtistä, et saada inspiraatio lyhyt kertomukseille.  Alku inspiraatio voi saada esimerkkiksi: uutisesta, muro laatikko sloganista, lempi kirjallisuus, laulu sanat, lainausmerkit b-leffasta, t-paita slogani, tai irrallinen ajatus virta......  

    Being organized in Helsinki | No meetings
  • art as a magickal practice

    "this course will bring together artists and occultists to discuss how art and magick intersect.  we will study both high and low magick techniques to see how they can be applied to an art practice.  some days will consist of lectures on occult history, theory, and specific occultists/artists who use magick in their work.  other sessions will be experiential meditations and rituals.  the general discourse will be about how to apply magick to art- as concept, physical material, ritual process, or final result.

    Being organized in Helsinki | No meetings

    Organized by Mollecular Organization and the Future Art Base18-21.4.2011, Future Art Base (School of Art, Aalto University) We live not in a ruined but a bewildered world. Everything creaks and rattles like the rigging of an unseaworthy sailing ship- Conversations with Kafka

    Being organized in Helsinki | 7 meetings
  • Extreme brewing

    Do you like beer?  Do you like aggressively hopped, intense beer that challenges the taste buds?  Does the word "experimental", in description of beer, entice you instead of scaring you away?  Do you find all mass-produced Finnish beer to be sadly lacking in taste?  Well, make your own! We will learn how to make beer at home, but explore techniques not commonly used by other homebrewers: stealing yeast from commercial beer, throwing weird ingredients in, and overloading any/all elements of beer. 

    Being organized in Helsinki | No meetings
  • cheese making

    Make some cheese!

    Being organized in Helsinki | No meetings
  • cheese making

    Make some cheese!

    Being organized in Helsinki | No meetings
  • Wildpainting the autumn colors in Nuuksio national park on Sunday 10 October

    On Sunday, October 10, 2010, We gather at 11.00 am at Helsinki railway station, from where we take the local commuter train to Espoo. From Espoo railway station, we take the bus right into Nuuksio National Park. Here we spend the afternoon making paintings with acrylic paint, using the colours in surprising new ways, in an effort to "see with fresh eyes." Everybody takes also some (hopefully self-made) food and coffee/tea along, which we share doing the breaks.

    Being organized in Helsinki | Class Blog | 1 meeting
  • Sepän työn perusteet / Blacksmithing basics

    UPDATED 21.9.2010 by ldezem

    Being organized in Helsinki | 2 meetings
  • Sienestää metsässä

    Mushroom season is coming up and I would like to learn about which mushroom in the finnish forests are edible. This would include learning a few different types of mushrooms that are edible and tasty.  As well as techniques for scouting and picking them.  I would also be interested to learn what to do with the buckets of mushrooms I have picked if I can't eat them all. Drying and preserving techniques. This class could happen a few times and should be in the forest.  Maybe at the end we can have a big mushroom cookoff!

    Being organized in Helsinki | 1 meeting
  • Spectres of Helsinki and site-specific resources

    It would be fantastic to have a Helsinki-based version of this class: (I have not copied the proposal as it would be quite different, including the title, obviously!)

    Being organized in Helsinki | No meetings
  • Deleuzian philosophy reading group

    This class is envisioned as a discussion reading group which focuses on reading texts by Gilles Deleuze (as the starting point), meeting together as a group every two to three weeks in order to discuss a chosen text. The aim will be to share variable interpretations of the given text, to consider each others viewpoints, and to also look at how the text may relate to each participants individual life philosophy, research, and interests.

    Being organized in Helsinki | Class Blog | 5 meetings
  • The screening of "Cities of Preferences" by Moving Image Lab at Columbia University

    A friend of mine has made an interesting urban research documentary film at Columbia University. I would like to screen it either as a part of another class or as an event of its own. We can do this at my working space in Katajanokka anytime! ---

    Being organized in Helsinki | 1 meeting
  • Saviuunin rakennus työpaja/ Cob oven building workshop

    Good news for all bread, pizza, and oven enthusiasts! The cob oven-building workshop will take place during the first week of August, divided into two phases: the design/ planning phase, and the actual building phase. In between, we will organize and retrieve the materials needed together.

    Being organized in Helsinki | 3 meetings
  • Stone oven building workshop

    This workshop is now scheduled as the Cob oven building workshop for tomorrow night and the coming weekend! Check out the calendar! And a warm welcome!! :) If you have ever tasted pizza or bread made in a stoneoven, nothing else will ever satisfy your taste-buds likewise. Wouldn't it be great to build a stone oven yourself, together with other enthusiasts, and learn basic brick-layering techniques and bread-making? At the Kalasatama area, with a public access to people who want to organize events or just celebrate with friends?

    Being organized in Helsinki | Class Blog | No meetings
  • Photography critique group

    Open group to get critique for your work from other members, and just have conversations on photography and all things related. You can bring your work or just come to talk. There's also been a weekly assignment to shoot on a theme that we then look trough and critique. Other ideas or activities are also welcome! The new group has met once last week, but new members are welcome anytime, there's just three of us at the moment. Weekly meetings are on wednesdays 19.00-21.00 at Ptarmigan(Nilsiänkatu 10), or somewhere else if needed.  

    Being organized in Helsinki | 9 meetings
  • Lauantaihengailu Kalasatamassa / Saturdays in Kalasatama

    Olemme aloittamassa muiden konttilaisjärjestöjen kanssa yhteiset avoimet ovet aina lauantaisin. Tervetuloa alkaen tästä lauantaista 3.7., jolloin pidämme tavaranvaihtajaiset sekä grilli-iltapäivän! Tervetuloa vaihdettavien vanhojen tavaroiden sekä piknik-korin kanssa mihin aikaan vain. Ps. Kalasatamassa on myös pieni auringonottohiekkaranta!

    Being organized in Helsinki | 1 meeting



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