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Courses being organized in Los Angeles

Past classes

  • Speculative Realism in Television and Literature

    A few sessions dedicated to parsing through exactly what speculative realism is and why it is significant for contemporary television. Readings to draw on both philosophy and literature, including Meillassoux's "Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction", Alenka Zupancic's "Realism in Psychoanalysis", Peter Gratton's "Speculative Realism: Problems and Prospects", Eugene Thacker's "After Life", Kobo Abe's "The Ark Sakura" and essays, and Danilo Kis' "Encyclopedia of the Dead." These will be discussed in the context of contemporary T.V. including True Detective, Mr.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 2 meetings
  • On Violence

    Violence (and its many manifestations) has always been a part of politics (or anti-politics); it may even be integral to it. This first meeting of “On Violence” will focus on the historical debate around state violence, revolutionary violence, 'legitimate' violence, and radical self-defense in the anarchist movement. For the last 150 years, anarchists have often been portrayed as an outsider bogeyman: either hooded & holding a lit bomb; as a ruthless bandit expropriating for their own gain; or hooded & hijacking peaceful demonstrations for their own ends.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 1 meeting
  • Viewpoint Magazine Reading Group

    We will discuss selected articles from the latest issue of Viewpoint Magazine:

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 8 meetings
  • Reading Group on I.I. Rubin’s “Essays on Marx’s Theory of Value”

    In the hopes of facilitating subsequent discussions/readings on value-form theory, and more specifically the Wertkritik of Krisis, Exit!, Anselm Jappe, Norbert Trenkle, Robert Kurz, and other value criticism(s), we propose starting first with the basics. Isaak Illich Rubin’s seminal book, “Essays on Marx's Theory of Value” is a foundational piece of writing for the value-form approach to Marxist theory.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 7 meetings
  • A Post-Occupy Introduction to the History of Radical Politics

    The recent economic crisis, the Occupy movement, the Arab Spring, and the increasing precariousness of people--now in US and Europe as well--have all contributed to a sense that the world has reached a volatile moment. In fact, this volatility--the result of un- or underemployment, debt, and the foreclosure of political possibilities post-Occupy--is now, for many, our daily lived experience. This class will investigate the history of global struggles against economic inequality, racism, patriarchy, and other forms of domination that came into question during the Occupy movement.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 4 meetings
  • IX-709: Stochastic Polyagogies: Reading Iannis Xenakis’s Formalized Music

    Any musical piece is akin to a boulder with complex forms, with striations and engraved designs atop and within, which men can decipher in a thousand different ways without ever finding the right answer or the best one... –Iannis Xenakis

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 4 meetings
  • Workers Against Work

    "People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life...have corpses in their mouths."

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 3 meetings
  • Feminist Reading Group

    The Women's Center for Creative Work will host an ongoing feminist reading group, meeting every other week to read and discuss books, articles and essays broadly pertaining to the subject of feminism. We are interested in exploring seminal, historical texts as well as more contemporary writings, and ones that address gender, diversity, and creative production within a feminist context. We are looking to a model that would encourage different presenters from the group, to take up leading the conversation about specific readings each week.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 4 meetings
  • Intro to Jungian Psychology

    A series of classes based on the core concepts of Carl Jung's Depth Psychology. The class will address the archetypes and their basis, the shadow, the anima and animus, the Puer and Senex, and the Self.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 7 meetings
  • Endnotes #3

    We will meet to discuss some of the articles in the new issue of Endnotes:

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 3 meetings
  • Frege - On Sense and Nominatum

    Would anyone be interested in reading Frege's Sense and Nominatum? Written in 1892, Frege lays out his two part theory of reference, which provides interesting solutions to philosophical problems including how language attaches to reality and the Paradox of Reference and Existence, and continues to be relevant in current work on the nature of meaning, reference and naming. The reading is short so two meetings should be sufficient to get through the text and no background in the philosophy of language or logic is required.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 1 meeting
  • Radical Educator Workshop

    This would be a discussion group open to all educators, but it's particularly for adjunct instructors in higher education in the arts and humanities--many of us, I think, lack formal training in teaching and are hungry to share & give framework to our experiences.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 3 meetings
  • Revolutionary Theory LA

    This reading group will base itself on the following reading list (with possible modifications): . We will discuss readings for each meeting, have rotating facilitators, and a stack. There seems to be interest in this wide-ranging (and imposing) reading list, and it will surely inspire all sorts of interesting discussion. 

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 15 meetings
  • Marx's Capital, Vol. 3

    In 2012, a reading group on Marx’s Capital started at the Los Angeles Public School, and eventually finished vol. 1. Now we propose to take up vol. 3. Volume 3 contains Marx’s analysis of the relation of value and price and the formation of a general rate of profit, his formulation of the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, and his discussion of interest-bearing capital, among other topics. It is a classical reference point for a Marxist analysis of capitalist economic crises, and is of particular interest in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 20 meetings
  • Later Heidegger: The Origin of the Work of Art

    In this course we would, hopefully, get together anywhere between 4 and 15 people to read the Origin of the Work of Art. Four meetings total. First: The Thing and Work. Second: The Work and Truth. Third: Truth and Art. Fourth: Open Discussion. Please be prepared, the readings are short.  Ideally, read each section twice before the relevent meeting, as opposed to trying to get through the whole thing right away.  In fact, better to read the first 5 pages twice than the whole thing once.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 4 meetings
  • Spring Screening Series

    This will be a casual weekly screening. Each week's film will be chosen by a different person.The first film will be Dodes'ka-den (1970) by Akira Kurosawa, chosen by Stefan Pavlovic and screening Thursday March 7 at 8pm.If you'd like to screen a film, leave a comment!

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 5 meetings
  • Pier Paolo Pasolini February Screenings

    In tribute to the filmmaker, essayist, thinker and poet Pier Paolo Pasolini, this Februrary film series will visually examine three of his later films in reverse chronological order alongside a open-ended conversation of his work and ideas. The series will begin on Valentine's Day with Pasolini's final and most controversial work, Saló; 120 Days of Sodom, the first film adaptation of Marquis de Sade's novel, and an epic mediation on fascism, desire, and torture. Thursday, February 14, 2013 8pm Saló, 120 Days of Sodom

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 3 meetings
  • Anti-Therapy II: What is the Analytic Cure?

    Lacan signaled that contemporary analysis must begin with "the reintroduction of the Name of the Father into the discourse of Science" [Science & Truth] Our intervention will begin by examining how such a seemingly incongruous statement is crucial to an explanation of the analytic cure.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 2 meetings
  • Wittgenstein's Blue Book

    We recently had a fairly successful reading group for Wittgenstein's Tractatus: . Some participants suggested reading something of Wittgenstein's later writings. I think Wittgenstein's Blue Book, which was dictated to Wittgenstein's class at Cambridge in 1933-1934, would be an excellent text for a reading group. It is fairly easy to follow, not terribly long, and it covers many of the major themes of Wittgenstein's thought.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 4 meetings
  • The Thought: A Logical Inquiry

     Would anyone be interested in a reading/discussion group of Frege’s “The Thought: A Logical Inquiry?”“The Thought” applies Frege’s work on reference to the development of a broader theory meaning.  Written after Russell’s paradox proved a decisive blow to Frege’s program of proving mathematics to be a distinct branch of logic, Frege turns his focus on language, perhaps in the belief that its incomplete characterization led him astray.  On the influence of this project Michael Dummett says:

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 3 meetings



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