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Courses being organized in Philadelphia

Past classes

  • Dissecting Capitalism Part II: This Financial Crisis

      Part II: This Financial CrisisWith Mark Kuperberg and Julie Maitrejean In 2008, the global financial system almost collapsed, putting the word “crisis” on the front page of every newspaper.  In 2010 and 2011, the sovereign debt crisis and an atmosphere of unrest all over the world have revealed an even more severe economic and social situation.  

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  • Occupy Philly: Dissecting Capitalism

    The Dissecting Capitalism series provides an introduction to capitalism, highlighting its historical, social, and political constructs as well as its systemic, global impact. Each session will feature speakers, open discussion, and for certain dates, short readings designed to facilitate participatory debate, dialogue, and popular education. We envision the series as forming a cohesive whole, and encourage participants to attend all ten sessions, if possible. Presented by Occupy Philly Education & Training working group

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  • group exercises, games and icebreakers

    A series of get togethers which explore nonverbal and verbal group activities and games.  A potluck can follow these gatherings.

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  • Setting up a wireless network and filesharing system

    Basekamp space will be in the process of installing a network system on Saturday March 19th 2011 beginning at 10am. The goal is to set up an in-house system which will share files, printers, and provide a strong internet connection for the use of multiple computers.  This will be an open ended course in which participants are asked to join and assist with the hands on installation process March 19th.  Some of the tasks will involve the following:

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  • Storytelling : 4 sessions for beginners

    Storytelling : 4 sessions for beginnerswith Dennis Strain“Traditionally, oral stories were committed to memory and then passed from generation to generation. However, in Western, literate societies, written and televised media have largely surpassed this method of communicating local, family and cultural histories. Oral storytelling remains the dominant medium of learning in many countries with low literacy rates."

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  • *.flag : two evenings exploring perspectives on flags

    *.flag : two evenings exploring perspectives on flags. January 13th and 14th 2011, 6-8pm (00h-02h in France). Basekamp - 723 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor - Philadelphia, PA 19106 “A flag is generally used symbolically for signaling or identification. National flags are potent patriotic symbols with varied wide-ranging interpretations, often including strong military associations due to their original and ongoing military uses“.

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  • Playing Making Recording: NEIGHBOR

    Playing Making Recording Ver. 2 The purpose of this class is to bring musicians together for music making and album recording, tentatively set for some time October 2010. (More details to come).   This will be the second time a course of this nature has happened.  It first commenced in June 12th and June 13th 2010 at Basekamp  in Philadelphia. To listen to music from the June 12th and June 13th gathering please go to About:

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  • Vocalizing -- Percussion -- Movement

    Somehow, someone or some group of people pick a theme, an emotion or a narrative and the group creates a piece about it, ultilizing vocalizing, percussion and movement (not necessarily dance or music in the conventional sense). Starting from the basis of improvisation this workshop will define a performance as a group. Over the course of 6-7 weeks we will experiment, collaborate, and coordinate as a team to make something that we can share with an audience.

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  • Creating a Community Museum

    With a similar intent to the Community Museum Project, we will start a community museum which is committed to "articulate personal experiences and under-represented histories."  In this course we could develop an execution plan and consider what types of under-represented  histories this new museum  would like to represent and how these histories could be organized as exhibitions-- Where would the museum be located?   What is it's funding structure? What would an exhibition look like?  How would these offerings be any different from a local historical museum?

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  • 2 Day Time-Boxed Music Making and Album Recording

    2 Day Time Boxed Music Making and RecordingOne full weekend, 2 days and 2 nights (8am-12am) will be dedicated to music making and recording with a participating group of musicians.  The course is open to all musicians currently at all levels of proficiency.

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  • Information Graphics

    A class about creating information graphics for practical applications:  describing visually how systems or processes work.  The actual data can be more process oriented or more abstract.

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  • The Shape of The Philly Public School No. 5

    Agenda 6pm - This week we will meet a half hour early so we can try one or two activities suggested at last week's session. We expressed interest in working on a mission statement that would appear on the TPSPhilly 'About' page, which currently includes text under 'GLOBAL' but not a custom statement for our 'LOCAL' branch. We could use mini design activities to compose a working draft of this statement collectively.

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  • --

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  • Course Planning Session for Creating a Community Museum

    This course will be a planning session for the proposed course Creating a Community Museum. We hope to lay the groundwork for a community museum that intends to "articulate personal experiences and under-represented histories." See the course proposal's page for the prior discussion about what this might mean.  AGENDA Very brief overview of the Community Museum Project and our online discussion to-date

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  • The Shape of The Philly Public School, 6:30 PM, May 5th 2010

    This meeting could begin as a roundtable discussion, followed by a review of action list items, and class proposal follow-up and date setting.  The hour long session will be followed by a planning session for the "Creating a Community Museum" course,  

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  • Information Graphics Preparatory Planning

    I would like to have a session at BK or via Skype to plan the Information Graphics course  - after speaking with Henken about logistics, I believe we agree that a planning session is necessary based on the assumption that we have multiple parties we may be interested in encouraging to teach; in addition, potential for interest in alternative locations than basekamp.   

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  • The Shape of The Philly Public School, 6:30 PM, April 21st, 2010

    Below are notes from the last Shape of the Philly School Meeting.  This week we can talk specifically about: solidifying and launching classes/building a summer schedule departmenal emphasis -- are there people interested in stewarding groups of classes? outreach   Please feel free to bring up questions and comments, and things you would like to explore in this upcoming meeting by leaving a comment on this page.    Thanks

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  • The Shape of The Philly Public School, 6:30 PM, April 7th, 2010

    This meeting will emphasize the shape of the school, continued conversation on structural and philososphical approach to forming branch.  The first ten or fifteen minutes  will begin with date setting and course implementation, while the majority of the evening could be dedicated to brainstorming desired goals, forming a mission statement along with rountable discussion.   Things worth discussion: --Special interest support:  Forming small groups around needed support, such as website and outreach --Course interests, and 'departments'

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  • The Spanish Language

    learn or brush up on speaking spanish!

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