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  • A Romp through the History of Astrology

    Astrology has a history as old as humanity itself. This course will introduce you to the astrologies that have been developed by various world cultures, from the most ancient to the most modern. You’ll leave with a sense of the diversity of what astrology has been and can be, and at the end of the session, we’ll explore the potential to go deeper into any areas of special interest in future courses. Fortune-telling and chart reading will not take place during this session.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 6 meetings
  • Paint by Numbers

    PAINT BY NUMBERS is a group coming together to look at and talk about paintings. Please bring a painting (whatever that means to you) to this meeting to show and discuss. It can be your own, a friend's, or a reproduction of someone else's. Each group will run for 2 hours. We will look at 1 painting at a time. Perhaps we will hold them up or hang them on the wall. What will our discussion be like? The focus of our discussion will lead our claims about paintings back to the objects themselves.This group is based on the idea of a painting as physical object.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 3 meetings
  • The Corporate Structure

     AnnouncingAn invitation to a class on thecorporate structure §         Its history, internal workings, and ethics (focusing on the US)§         How total corporativization has divided the economy into two parts, a financial economy and a productive economy§         How the financial economy dominates the productive economy

    Being organized in Bay Area | 5 meetings
  • Mapping as Activism in Berlin

    With this proposal I would like to bring the issue (and hopefully the practice) of mapping to the berlin context, which also came up during the 'problem of berlin' class.we could go through the issues around mapping described in this proposal and bring up (and create?) local practices of mapping. 

    Being organized in Berlin | No meetings
  • intro a MAX/MSP para salvar tu vida

    Este curso es una introducción al sistema de programación MAX/MSP_Jitter para el diseño y creación de espacios interactivos. Estaremos explorando las capacidades y posibilidades de la creación, manipulación, generación e interacción con video y sonido. Trabajaremos con el diseño de narrativas dinámicas , “video tracking” y sistemas de azar . El contenido de este curso esta dirigido para artistas plásticos, teatro, baile, performance, sonidistas, VJs, Djs y todo el mundo que quiera salvar su vida adentrándose en las entrañas del espectro de la programación.

    Being organized in San Juan | Class Blog | 3 meetings
  • Reviving the Strike Weapon

    As we write this description, longshore clerks at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port complex are about to enter their second week of a strike that's drawn the solidarity of other longshore locals and has completely shut 10 of 14 terminals at the busiest container port in the Western Hemisphere, totally preventing any commerce from going into or out of those terminals at the port where 40% of good enter the U.S. Strikes in South Africa by miners have met the homicidal violence of the cops, sparking wave of strike in other sectors and the nationwide agigation has continued up to the present.

    Being organized in Bay Area | Class Blog | 3 meetings
  • Hegel's Science of Logic

    A close reading of Hegel's Science of Logic, with a discussion.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 13 meetings
  • Taller de Costura

     ¿Quieres aprender a coser?Gracias a una petición pública organizamos el primer taller de costura básica en Beta Local.  La idea se basa en lograr que los participantes obtengan un manejo de la máquina de coser para realizar varios proyectos.

    Being organized in San Juan | 5 meetings
  • The Politics of Participation and Collaboration in Contemporary Art

    In this class we will look at the predominant discourses and arguments around participation, collaboration and social practice(s) in contemporary art.

    Being organized in Berlin | Class Blog | 4 meetings
  • Bagua via East Bay Free Skool

    Hosted By: MelisaContact: spence.melisa@gmail.comTime: Tuesdays 11am-12pmLocation: The Holdout Social  Center 2313 San Pablo Ave OaklandBaguazhang is a Chinese internal martial art with health, meditation and fighting applications. It is notable for its circular movement and continuous posture changes. Because of its focus on solo practice, Bagua is well-suited for people with chronic injuries and other health limitations. 

    Being organized in Bay Area | 9 meetings
  • Pier Paolo Pasolini February Screenings

    In tribute to the filmmaker, essayist, thinker and poet Pier Paolo Pasolini, this Februrary film series will visually examine three of his later films in reverse chronological order alongside a open-ended conversation of his work and ideas. The series will begin on Valentine's Day with Pasolini's final and most controversial work, Saló; 120 Days of Sodom, the first film adaptation of Marquis de Sade's novel, and an epic mediation on fascism, desire, and torture. Thursday, February 14, 2013 8pm Saló, 120 Days of Sodom

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 3 meetings
  • Morning Math @ Sudo Room

    All skill levels–and topics–welcome. Join us at Sudo Room for coffee and curious, friendly discussion. General math help available in ample supply as well. Morning Math is an effort to engage with the lighter side of math, and strives to generate a culture of math free from anxiety. [Presented by the Public School in conjunction with Sudo Room hackerspace --]

    Being organized in Bay Area | 7 meetings
  • Invitation to an ATENEO

    A few of us in the anthro department have been talking about convening an "ateneo"* on Thursday evenings from 7-9 at a location near the CIIS campus.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Anti-Therapy II: What is the Analytic Cure?

    Lacan signaled that contemporary analysis must begin with "the reintroduction of the Name of the Father into the discourse of Science" [Science & Truth] Our intervention will begin by examining how such a seemingly incongruous statement is crucial to an explanation of the analytic cure.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 2 meetings
  • What Is Politics #1 : Max Weber on Vocation

    The first meeting of "What is Politics?" will examine Max Weber's classic texts on vocation : "Science as a Vocation" and "Politics as a Vocation".

    Being organized in Bay Area | 3 meetings
  • What Is Politics ?

    This course will be an open-ended series of gatherings around short, seminal political texts. The first installment will examine Max Weber's classic texts on vocation -- "Politics as a Vocation" & "Science as a Vocation" -- Upcoming classes will take on short texts by Carl Schmitt and other modern political thinkers.

    Being organized in New York | Class Blog | No meetings
  • Taller/Expedición en Puerto Rico con Alberto Baraya

    TALLER DE 5 DIASExpedición Puerto Rico - San Juan: Expedición, Viaje, Documentación, Archivo; Colección herbaria, Colecciones varias. Recolectar. Durante la semana del 21-30 de enero el artista Alberto Baraya estará en residencia desarrollando un taller e investigación en colaboración con el Programa de La Práctica.

    Being organized in San Juan | Class Blog | 4 meetings



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