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  • IX-709: Stochastic Polyagogies: Reading Iannis Xenakis’s Formalized Music

    Any musical piece is akin to a boulder with complex forms, with striations and engraved designs atop and within, which men can decipher in a thousand different ways without ever finding the right answer or the best one... –Iannis Xenakis

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 4 meetings
  • Dérive #3

    Tomorrow (June 14th), noonish, we'll meet somewhere in San Francisco to begin our dérive.Contact us at Hieronymous1866 [at] if you'd like to join us.

    Being organized in San Francisco | No meetings
  • Natural History on Foot

    Join us for weekly walks through the many habitats of the Bay Area and beyond. We'll begin by exploring our own backyard: the East Bay Hills, the hidden watersheds, canyons, shoreline, and, of course, cityscapes. From time to time, we hope to explore farther landscapes too. Sometimes we'll invite people with special knowledge to join us (mushrooms? insects? rocks? reptiles?). But over time, we'll find that our widening circle will embrace more and more knowledge to be built and shared. Meetings: 8am Tuesdays, with occasional other times announced in advanced.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Alice Notley Reading Group

    This is a reading group around the work of Alice Notley, in anticipation of the upcoming conference at the Bay Area Public School, "Alette in Oakland." Her work will be read in chronological sequence, and those attending will be provided with all the texts needed. Bring chocolate, berries, cheese, martinis, and any other compliment which distills prolonged discussion. We will meet in Laura's garden and read until the sun sets and we can no longer see what we are reading. No assignments, no prompts, no maintenance, only reading out loud until the light dies away.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 4 meetings
  • Workers Against Work

    "People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life...have corpses in their mouths."

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 3 meetings
  • The Public Shul : Reading the Talmud Very, Very Slowly

    We will gather to study Aramaic grammar towards a reading of the Babylonian Talmud, tractate Berakoth. All are welcome to join us !

    Being organized in Bay Area | 11 meetings

    THE MENTAL MASONRY LAB is an artistic project of Cédric Noël and Mira Sanders that invites the spectator to reflect on public space through exercises of the imagination. It is a practice in constituting a space.THE MENTAL MASONRY LAB resulted from a question: how can we develop a tactic that would allow our imagination to blossom when faced with the preponderance of those urban signs intended for collective use? CONTEXT

    Being organized in Brussels | Class Blog | 2 meetings
  • The New Jim Crow : Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

    Legal scholar Michelle Alexander's seminal work, "The New Jim Crow : Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness," outlines how the gains of the civil rights movement have been systematically turned back by the exponential rise in incarcerations of brown and black men.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 5 meetings
  • Ecohousing - techniques, art in design, purpose, collaboration, examples

    alternative construction methods: strawbale, sandbag, self-bearing, foundations free, green roof, green-house, rain and grey water management, clivus multrum, endless constructional possibilities...natural construction materials:wood, clay, straw, cane, flax, rattan, cork, celulose, coconutsecondary materials (glass bottles, old tires)natural mineral components (silt, sand, gravel, rock, perlit, keramzit, glass foam)traditional recipes with use of animal products (kasein, manure, wool) for high performance

    Being organized in Brussels | 1 meeting
  • Creating Rituals for Our Times

    Creating Rituals for Our Times This workshop will look at examples of contemporary, personal and collective rituals, some of which integrate spirituality and activism (aka sacred activism) As part of this workshop, we will co-create our own ritual, primarily in the form of an altar as a living entity using natural and found objects. This altar will be part of the entire session of Utopia School, adapting itself to reflect the energies of movement over the course of the school. Part of the altar will include a Moyo Drum.

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • “Global Squat Show”

    Utopia School show proposalre. “making an installation” (600 words)Working title I am certainly not wedded to:“Global Squat Show”

    Being organized in Utopia School | Class Blog | No meetings
  • Diamond Visione's Free Spaces

    This proposal is for a physical, "installation" element of the Utopia School. It will be a T.V. set programmed with videos from "Free Spaces" (aka Squats, eco-villages, land and forest occupations, social centers, hausprojekts, teepee villages, hacker spaces, etc.) Each "channel" on the T.V. will belong to a single space from around the world. Multiple videos from that space will play on a loop, and viewers will be able to change the channel on the T.V., switching from space to space and watching all the videos that space has to offer.

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • What We Learned From our Parents: Generational Continuity in Alternative Living

    What We Learned From Our Parents: Generational Continuity in Alternative Living

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • Utopia Library

    The Utopia Library will be a physical repository in the Utopia School where we will make available digitized texts, images and video files gathered through our collective research.The library will be a place where visitors can come "drop off" or "pick up" texts digitally. We will acompany these digital texts with three dimensional replications to that visitors may "browse" the library physically. 

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • Treehouses of Resistance

    This class/collective research project will look at forest occupations and sites of deep green resistance around the world. Together we'll talk about the histories, tactics, architectures, and anthropologies of land occupations and what they mean for our futures.  

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • How to build a green roof

    I will teach everyone how to make an earthship!

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • Whack Utopias

    One of the aims of Utopia School is to look critically at Utopian spaces and projects with the aim of illuminating their challenges and flaws. Well, there are some spaces and projects who's flaws are hard to miss-- in fact, they are the overwhelming theme of their existence. This group class/research project will take a look at some seriously whack Utopias -- cults, communes, authoritarian regimes, groups and spaces dominated by the powerful and charismatic-- and the current issues some of us face in our spaces today.

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • Utopian Opportunism

    By necessity (I'm based in Paris), this discussion would start out in a long-distance arrangement (via IRC, or perhaps Skype) but that could culminate in a two-evening, or weekend seminar in NYC, at dates to be defined.Concretely, the proposal is to rehabilitate the notion of opportunism from a utopian perspective -- especially challenging inasmuch as the two terms are pretty much construed as being antinomous. Utopian Opportunism (the dialectic between utopian opportunists and opportunistic utopians). In short, a kind of reconsideration of the notion of the Opportune.

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • The Utopian Guide to Cryptocurrency

    The growth of cryptocurrency has been one of the most radical technologies of our decade. Technologies that have our society examining and experimenting with our preconceived notions and understanding of the value of money and currency.

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • Radio Utopia

    Any utopia worth its salt should have a free radio station, both to give a voice to the members of the utopia and to help disseminate their message to the outside world. This proposal would bring a radio station to Utopia School for the duration of the 2014 fall term in New York City. Our first meeting will be a class, in which attendees will learn the technical aspects of creating a low-power AM/FM (and/or internet) radio station. Together, we'll set up a radio station which will remain in one of the Utopia School facilities for the duration of the term.

    Being organized in Utopia School | 1 meeting



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