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  • Performing autonomy

    A workshop in the form of theatre by Siggalycke Folkskola Delving into the recent history of collective utopian projects in Scandinavia (such as the Bauhaus Situationiste/Drakabygget in Sweden, Thylejren in Denmark and more) the workshop seeks to investigate the possibilities of withdrawing from the incessantly accelerating deadly spirals of too-late-capitalism, building new spaces of autonomy at the (rural) margins of society, 'zones of therapeutic contagion' (Bifo) where bodies can be healed and solidarity rebuild. We will no

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • Omni Oakland Collective meeting

    7pm-9pm: Delegates meeting Elected delegates from each participating group/collective meet at 7pm to deal with specific logistical issues and decisions. Also open to all, but if there is a vote, only delegates can vote on agenda items. We usually have a lot to get through!Want more info? See

    Being organized in Bay Area | 9 meetings
  • Feminist Reading Group

    The Women's Center for Creative Work will host an ongoing feminist reading group, meeting every other week to read and discuss books, articles and essays broadly pertaining to the subject of feminism. We are interested in exploring seminal, historical texts as well as more contemporary writings, and ones that address gender, diversity, and creative production within a feminist context. We are looking to a model that would encourage different presenters from the group, to take up leading the conversation about specific readings each week.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 4 meetings
  • Whatever : Reading Agamben's Coming Community

    We will gather to discuss "The Coming Community" by Giorgio Agamben, which has become one of the fundamental points of reference for the political philosophy of our time. We will gather for a one-off discussion of this text, and discuss the possibility of an ongoing series exploring Agamben's thought as it is developed in "Homo Sacer," towards a potential cycle on the question of precarity. Participants are asked to read this short book in its entirety before coming to the class. We will read sections of it aloud & will also respond to writing prompts in the course of the session.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • test-ignore

    test - please ignore.

    Being organized in Bay Area | No meetings
  • (not so small) revolutions: Project Morrinho and Project Row Houses

    (this class proposal is, ideally, for Brussels, where I'm based, as I'd very much like to give this seminar). The proposal consists of a presentation with a film screening and a Q&A session. The presentation would start with an introduction about the role of art in society - can art produce social change?

    Being organized in Brussels | Class Blog | 1 meeting

    Let's have a poster designing class in which we make posters for the launch for THE PUBLIC SCHOOL FOR ARCHITECTURE BRUSSELS ! Anybody interested ?To support The Public School for Architecture Brussels - and to provide it with some nice promotional material - Wolke is organizing a poster class on Wednesday 16/4.Come over, have a drink, wear make-up and design a poster!  18:00 - 21:00 : public poster class.19:30 : presentation of the public school for architecture brussels by Lars

    Being organized in Brussels | 1 meeting
  • What Happened to Partnership Societies?

    Cultures (or Societies) that honor the Sacred Feminine tend to be partnership societies, rather than dominator societies.  In this historical talk, we will look at the role of the sacred feminine, past, present and future. Drawing on art, myth and somatic and reflective meditations of the world's sacred feminine, we will explore what is possible for humans. How did the sacred feminine get lost in human culture, and what can we do to reclaim it?

    Being organized in Utopia School | No meetings
  • The Workers' Circle : Cultural Resistance as a Way of Life

    The Workers' Circle was the key institution of the workers' revolutionary movement in late 19th century Russia. Historian Deborah Pearl will detail the character of the Circle, the literature it circulated, and the experience of the workers. Deborah Pearl has a doctorate in history from UC Berkeley & has spent her career researching Russian workers and the revolutionary movement.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • "BAPS Review" Workshop

    On Thurs, March 27th at 6pm we'll convene at BAPS (2141 Broadway, Oakland) to share information, organize the trajectory and share our vision for this workshop and the first edition of the "BAPS Review". (we'll also collectively decide on the name of the "BAPS Review")

    Being organized in Bay Area | 2 meetings
  • How Do We Organize Ourselves: Poetry Writing Class

    this class will look at readings, ephemera, & diagrams describing non-normative ways that human beings have organized themselves in groups. we will read and talk about these groups and how they came to their structure. then, we will write in response to a prompt inspired by the reading and conversation. every class will include reading, talking, and writing, except the last class, when we will make a zine together of our writings that we have made together.more details here:

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Hwæt : Reading Beowulf in Old English

    We will study Old English grammar of the West Saxon dialect in order to read the epic poem Beowulf. And no one's going to stop us.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 10 meetings
  • Reading Spanish / Speaking Spanish

    We will meet to create an atmosphere of Spanish study for learners at all levels. Each meeting will begin with readings from Spanish-language essays, newspapers and short stories, to develop our pronunciation & knowledge of grammar. We will continue by practicing conversational abilities. We want to encourage native Spanish speakers to join us, especially those who are seeking to develop their skills in English. As we proceed, we will work to collectively develop our study methods in order to discover amongst ourselves the best way for us all to learn together.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 7 meetings
  • Old Norse for the Sagas Eventually

    Beginning study of Old Norse / Old Icelandic for the eventual study of the sagas, Edda, and other Norse literatures.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 2 meetings
  • Writing Politics

    This is an ongoing series of talks by radical authors concerning their books.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 4 meetings
  • Revolutionary Theory : A Reading Group

    In this group, we will work through the history of revolutionary theory in the twentieth century, focusing on the history of European socialism and communism (in future groups, we may look at anarchism, feminism, anti-colonialism and anti-racism, and so on). We will use a reader, which has been designed for this reading group by the Communist Research Cluster. Readings are 50-60 pages per session, split between primary sources and chapters from a history book.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 17 meetings

    "If there should ever be time for such work again, I should very much like to make accessible to the ordinary human intelligence -- in two or three printer's sheets -- what is rational in the method which Hegel discovered but at the same time enveloped in mysticism ...." -- Marx to Engels, January 14, 1858

    Being organized in Bay Area | 7 meetings
  • It's Not Too Late to Read Being & Time : A Public School Reading Group With Robert Hurley, Tom Petty & Friends

    "In order to provide the distance of present-day man from the 'desert'..., I will say of the 'desert' that it is the most complete abandonment of the concerns of the 'present-day man,' being the continuation of the 'ancient man' which the enactment of festivals regulated. He is not a return to the past; he has undergone the decay of 'present-day man' and nothing has more space within him than the devastation which it leaves--it gives to the 'desert' its 'desert-like' truth.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 15 meetings
  • Reading Foucault's "History of Madness"

    I am looking for help reading and discussing Foucault's "History of Madness" as a group. Thinking and talking about: this work in the context of its time and the present, current attitudes towards mental and emotional distress, the psychiatric survivor movement, neurodiversity movements, incarceration systems, medicalization of mental and emotional well-being, etc!  The hope is that in getting many people together to read it we can share our varying knowledge resources and deepen our experience and understanding of the text and the topic.  

    Being organized in New York | Class Blog | 6 meetings



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