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  • MaxMSP & Pd Workshop

    A series of workshops serving as an introduction to using real-time graphical programming environments for manipulating audio, video, and data. MaxMSP ( and Pd (pure data ( share a core structure and usability, and it is hoped that by participating in these workshops, one would be able to continue their explorations in either environment. Focus will be on achieving basic familiarity, realizing individual basic projects, and making use of the vast support network that exists for further investigation and self-education.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | Class Blog | 2 meetings
  • Science Fiction: Gender and Sexuality

    This course will focus on several contemporary works of science fiction in an effort to tease out their diverse conceptualizations of the categories of gender and sexuality. Attentive reading strategies will permit us to delve deeply into each individual text, as well as to draw pertinent connections between texts. Course texts include, to be read in the following order:

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 4 meetings
  • Ceci n'est pas une CAA

    Lots of interesting people are coming to Los Angeles for an arts conference called CAA but a one-day ticket costs $125 so a lot of us won't be able to go see them. And even if we did pay, similar panels are scheduled at the same time so we'd still miss out. We should have a parallel conference that all of these interesting people could come and share their work, that is free, that has as few time and topic restrictions as possible, and that allows for open-ended conversation between everyone present (no audience).

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 2 meetings
  • $10 sommelier

    A sommelier would give advice on great wine selections readily availible at local stores for $10 or less. An in-house tasting would also take place. From the teacher:

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 1 meeting
  • Growing fruit trees in Southern CA

    How to grow fruit trees in Southern CA. Subject would cover growing fruit in a small urban garden to larger gardens that can have a small orchard. How to grow from bareroot stock, growing in pots, espalier to create a decorative feature and also save on space. Varieties to choose from, chilling hours, pruning and overall care. Soil maintenance and conditoning. Organic pest control.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 1 meeting



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