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  • Frege - On Sense and Nominatum

    Would anyone be interested in reading Frege's Sense and Nominatum? Written in 1892, Frege lays out his two part theory of reference, which provides interesting solutions to philosophical problems including how language attaches to reality and the Paradox of Reference and Existence, and continues to be relevant in current work on the nature of meaning, reference and naming. The reading is short so two meetings should be sufficient to get through the text and no background in the philosophy of language or logic is required.

    Being organized in Los Angeles | 1 meeting
  • How To Read The Principle of Hope by Ernst Bloch

    All materials for this class will be posted here:

    Being organized in Bay Area | 5 meetings
  • Open Study with Selma James

    We'll meet for a conversation with legendary activist & author Selma James.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Friendship as a Way of Life

    From Antiquity to Modern Day, thinkers have returned to the question, "What is friendship?"  In our modern era of social networking, "friending" and "unfriending" has thrown friendship into a sea of confusion: what is a friend, after all?  

    Being organized in Bay Area | 7 meetings
  • Old Notebooks

    Announcing class/event OLD NOTEBOOKS Calling all poets, writers, artists, architects, puppeteers, musicians, seamstresses et al All artists have stashes of old notebooks filled with ideas and dreams. Bring your old notebooks and help to design and create an art piece to be presented to the public when we agree that it is finsihed. where: 1121 64th St Oakland CA 94608 INFO: 510.860.1478 kat 7-10pm 4th Thursdays Sept.26th thru Jan 30th or until we think performance piece is finished.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 2 meetings
  • Revolution is also a language

    Radicalism, the guillotine, a new and sweeping fresh start, abolition of monarchy, modern citizenship, old versus new regime—what else at this time could equal it? This sparing use of the term revolution is not merely academic or theoretical. It produces its rareness and superiority over other forms of being- together that could be perceived as similar to it—revolt, rebellion, uprising, coup, solidarity, movement, partnership, participation or protest.

    Being organized in Berlin | 5 meetings
  • Revolution and/or Poetry

    Last May, a UK conference on “Militant Poetics” was convened at Birkbeck College. It provoked. “Poetry and/or Revolution” is a response, an attempt to continue the dialogue. It gathers thirteen poets: half East Bay (+1), half UK. It meets in three locations: Santa Cruz, Davis, and Oakland. Each day will have talks. Each evening will have readings which will then transition into late night discussions, we hope. There might be some dancing.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Building a Radical School

    "Building a Radical School" will take the form of a seminar, with reading and discussion, which will theorize radical pedagogy projects in general and the Bay Area Public School's mission in particular. We hope to work together to generate writing about the importance of creating educational forms and institutions as part of a broader project of social struggle and collective emancipation.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 3 meetings
  • Portuguese: Reading and Translation

    Learning Portuguese through song!

    Being organized in Bay Area | 35 meetings
  • Lark in the Morning : Studying the Occitan Language

    Occitan (or Provencal) is the language of the troubadours -- authors of the first vernacular poetry in Europe. Immensely influential on Dante and later poets, they developed the discourse on courtly love within intricate verse forms that some believe are influenced by Arabic poetry (by way of al-Andalus). We'll study the basics of Occitan grammar using William Paden's "Introduction to Old Occitan," with the aim of reading this poetry together. Those interested in Dante, poetry, love, and comparative linguistics might like this course.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 8 meetings
  • Tidal: Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy

    Throughout the month of September we will presenting a series of classes organized by Tidal, one of the leading journals to emerge from the Occupy Movement. Marking the 2nd anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, these classes are designed to discuss the past, present, and future of the Occupy movement.Topics addressed will include debt, Detroit, and Palestine. Local organizing and international solidarity will be focused on, as well as the lessons learned in the two years since the Zuccotti Park was first transformed into a zone for possibility and symbol for resistance. 

    Being organized in New York | Class Blog | 3 meetings
  • Oakland Nights Live

    A monthly talkshow hosted by Jeremy Dalmas and friends !

    Being organized in Bay Area | 13 meetings
  • Sacred Geometry

    Learn ancient geometrical constructions, their uses and instances. Develop an understanding of their relationship, see the world from the viewpoint of the alchemist-philosophers who laid the foundation for logic and science with a mystical intuition. Share visions and perspectives that reveal our natural geometric sense - dreams, psychedelic, & artistic forms which are familiar and inexplicable.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Reading German : Grimm's Fairy Tales

    We'll read Grimm's fairy tales in German. (They're apparently all in the simple past tense.)

    Being organized in Bay Area | 30 meetings
  • autonomy

    This is the begining of a platform for discussion on autonomy as resistance and the praxis of action within the state.

    Being organized in London | Class Blog | No meetings
  • Found in Translation: A Class for Translating Poetry

    bring something you want to translate and any relevant dictionaries.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 11 meetings
  • Summer School 2013

    Join us for this SPECIAL EVENT at the Bay Area Public School! 

    Being organized in Bay Area | Class Blog | 8 meetings
  • Beyond Oakland : Talks and Conversations

    Not simply a conference, or a celebration of community, or a presumed politics, or the proper poetry, but a collective investigation of how poets have moved with and through the various militant actions of the last few years in places outside of Oakland. So an attempt to forge new solidarities across different cities, nations, and poetic & political practices. What has worked in these other locations? What can we learn from each other as militant activists, cultural workers, poets? What sort of writing might yet be written?

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Shantideva's "Path of the Bodhisattva"

    Professor Steven Goodman will present on Shantideva's "Path of the Bodhisattva" at The Public School, Thursday, August 1st at 7:00 pm.

    Being organized in Bay Area | 1 meeting
  • Ancient Greek

    We'll read texts in Ancient Greek!!

    Being organized in Bay Area | 111 meetings



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