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Queer Cinema is our only active class right now! Feel free to propose new classes in Durham!

Queer Cinema Update

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Many of you may be aware that we had regular classes in Durham in 2012, but the site was remodelled and all of the information from 2012 disappeared. In 2012 alone, we had 16 Queer Cinema classes. I am not sure how the information could be added back again, but I wanted to make a public note about this issue. If anyone knows how to help with this problem, please let me know.

Queers, Left and Right.

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For those of you attending on Wednesday I've put together some optional readings with divergent view-points on the film for you to peruse. The most scholarly resource on the film's context is this article on state sexual policing and the maintenance of revolutionary masculinity during and after the Cuban revolution: (check out the caricature on p. 19.). All this considered, Schnabel's film is obviously critical of Castro's regime. And of course, not everyone has been happy with his portrayal of the Cuban revolution: At their most extreme, these critics(the loudest are highly partisan) call into question the veracity of a film that is itself based on an admittedly fictionalized autobiography.


I am interested in Olivier's proposal and I have a background in the arts. 

Flyers for Microphone Workshop

The people doing the microphone workshop created some flyers for us to promote the event.

I changed the time to 7pm which is the regular open meeting time at Splat Space. We will try and keep the open meeting short so we can get started on this exciting workshop.

Suggestion for Teachers

Have you reached out to They are locally based and might want to get involved with this initiative. 

Requesting a disability accessable space for v2.

Hey. I'm interested in v2 and I'm requesting a disability accessable place!

Some Dessert

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In case you missed the workshop, or if you didn't, and if you're curious, here are some notes, some suggested reading and some other cool stuff. I hope I got everything written down right. Let me know!

Guest Lecturer: Michael Pelz-Sherman, PhD

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As part of this class on Free Jazz, I've offered to share some of my PhD thesis research into the analysis of performer interactions in free jazz and other freely improvised music. I worked with George Lewis (AACM member, author of "A Power Greater Than Itself" - highly recommended reading!) and psycho-acousitics professor Gerald Balzano on this. For more info:

XXY this friday

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I hope you all enjoyed the (mostly) warm weekend!


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plz disregard


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