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Here are two short readings (promise) in addition to the Weizman. Please try to glance over these texts before this Saturday's class:

MacDonald's Invasion Movie

Hi Marie--Good to hear from you.  I thought some of you would enjoy this movie of our Mardi Gras parade entering Macdonalds.  We also dressed the Bull statue downtown as a 'transvestite' in a wig and a tutu.


You might be interested in a cemetary Ann Woodward has visited, though I think it's really small.  It is an old, forgotten 'colored' cemetary off of Roxboro Road.  The trouble is that it is not on private property. 


Here's a link to a site that someone--NOT ME!--has utilized in a project that has been going on for a couple of years.  No one seems to know who is doing this--I have been trying to find out, and it is a secret. 

I can't say for sure if it is still there--but on this building last fall there was a garden gnome perched up on the top facing west, which you could see from the police station parking lot.  If you take a look at the building you will see that it was something of a feat to place it there.  There was also one at the 'seaboard RR' overpass, where you enter downtown from that same stretch of Chapel Hill St., but that one quickly disappeared--wasn't up that high.


I'm looking forward to our meeting tonight.  I have just been very busy with a project.

'clearing house' website of resources on Egypt

This post was made to the blog for The Egyptian Revolution and its Historical Context

This was recommended to me by a person doing work in Middle Eastern studies who has been looking into Tunisia and Egypt.

The Durhampublicschool has had an interesting conversation with Anne-Marie Angelo. For those who would like to ask her more about her first-hand account in Cairo prior to leaving, you can follow her on twitter at @annemarieangelo or email her at annemarieangelo at gmail dot com (need to minimize spam)

Readings and materials for class

Notes taken from different sources and a bibliography of the materials referenced will be listed here once the class is scheduled

Intersection of Washington and Markham

Here's a link--will this work for everyone?  I can meet at 7pm on the 7th.  Planning on bringing a somewhat obscure and wonderful book 

Geopsychic Wonders of New Orleans,-78.899032&spn=0.005815,0.008733&z=17


This is the corner of Washington and Markham, which you can reach by heading North on Morris or Foster from downtown.  Both of them converge into Washington on the other side of Trinity.  Markham itself is blocked now by a construction project betweeen Duke and Washington.  If you come from Duke, head East on Trinity, turn North (away from downtown)


I have been trying to work on a place here, combining historical research, wandering, hearsay.  The place has striking disjuctures, with wealth/poverty, wilds/urban, elevation/depression.  Its center is a crossroad that did not exist until the early 1960s despite advanced development on all sides--remained creek and woods--then quickly then became a mistrusted, maligned place on various grounds--crime, car accidents--and filled with litter.  My historical reasearches have tapped out after being a focus for quite a while and yielding some interesting things.  But I think history is not what I am looking for exactly and I was excited to hear about this class proposal.


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