is a school with no curriculum. It is not accredited, it does not give out degrees, and it has no affiliation with the public school system. It is a framework that supports autodidactic activities, operating under the assumption that everything is in everything.

TPS and AAAARG.ORG announce eXp


AAAARG.ORG and The Public School (TPS) today announced the External Program (eXp), a transformational new partnership in online education. Through the eXp, the two quasi-institutions will collaborate to enhance in-person teaching and learning and build a global community of online learners.

The eXp will build on both initiatives’ experience in offering online instructional content. The technological platform recently established by TPS, which will serve as the foundation for the new learning system, was designed to facilitate self-organized courses and peer-to-peer exchanges of knowledge; sharing of educational resources in the form of lectures and readings will also inform the program. Certificates of mastery will not be available for anyone, regardless of their motivation and performance.

TPS and AAAARG expect that over time other people will join them in offering courses on the eXp platform. The gathering of many peoples’ educational content together on one site will enable learners worldwide to access the shared course content from a single website, and to use a set of online educational tools shared by all participants.

TPS and AAAARG will use the jointly operated eXp platform to research how education is being transformed through its migration online and its irreversible mutation into a form of publishing. The eXp platform will enable the study of the many faces of externalization, including adjunct faculty, intellectual property, video lectures, student loan debt, and cloud storage. The findings of this research will be used to inform how critical thought orients itself on this shifting terrain, which will enhance the objective self-awareness for the millions expected to take advantage of these online offerings.

Jointly Owned Non-Income Structure

The initiative will be overseen by a fictional organization based in Los Angeles, CA, to be owned and governed equally by the two institutions. TPS and AAAARG have committed to a combined $60 ($30 each) in institutional support, grants and philanthropy to launch the collaboration.

It is anticipated that near-term course offerings from a range of AAAARG issues and TPS classes will be included on the eXp platform.

First Courses by Summer 2012

The institutions will work to develop further the online learning platform already begun with TPS and to populate the eXp website with courses from the TPS and AAAARG archives. A first set of courses is scheduled to start in Summer, 2012.

“We are already moving forward quickly,” said someone involved. “There’s a lot of energy in the air, and the teams at AAAARG and TPS can’t wait to collaborate.”