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Los Angeles


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I have a scan of the Bakunin but don't know how to attach it here....


Nathan Brown on Friday, April 20th

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"The Real Movement of History and the Problem of Organization"
4pm on April 20, 2012
The Public School, 951 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012 

Nathan Brown is an Assistant Professor of English at UC Davis. People interested in the "Communization and its Discontents" class should look at his class The Real Movement of History - Left Communism and the Communization Current. This talk has been organized by Ken Ehrlich.

The Sadness of Post-Workerism


came across this essay/"review" by David Graeber over a conference on Immaterial Labor in the Art World feat. Lazzarato. It's a nice read & seems like a good recap of some of the questions we raised in the last class, for ex. the relationship b/w feminism & post-workerism.

Cheers, Chris


Immaterial Labor // meeting 1 readings

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Meeting 1 --- Sunday, 25 March, 2-6pm -- facilitated by Marie Shurkus & Dont Rhine

- Maurizio Lazzarato, "Immaterial Labor," tr. Paul Colilli and Ed Emory, in Radical Thought in Italy: A Potential Politics, ed. Paolo Virno and Michael Hardt (Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 1996): 133-147.

- Maurizio Lazzarato, "General Intellect: Towards an Inquiry into Material Labour," tr. Ed Emory:


for more information about this class see:

The Movement of Squares and the Circulation of Struggles

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Saturday, March 10, 4 pm: communization reading group will follow-up last weekend's discussion of Call with the essays on Call by Leon de Mattis and Endnotes in Communization and Its Discontents, hopefully with some people from Endnotes.

Sunday, March 11, 3 pm: "The Movement of Squares and the Circulation of Struggles" with Jasper Bernes and some people from Endnotes.

Proposed Syllabus

Experiments in Narrative Film


1. Jean Epstein and Photogenie

  • Waiting for Happiness (Sissako), Man From London (Bela Tarr)


  • Jean Epstein – Photogenie Essays

    • French Film Theory and Criticism: A History/Anthology, 1907-1939. Volume 1: 1907-1929 (French Film Theory & Criticism), Richard Abel

    2. What Doesn't Happen

    • Exploding Girl (Bradley Rust Gray), The Headless Woman (Lucretia Martel)

    • Reading Against Syd Field's Screenwriters Workbook, 

      Stories of Jane Bowles, Ergo by Jakov Lind, Stories of Blanchot, Stories of Robert Walser


    3. A New Kind of Collaboration – Tarr and Krasznahorkai

    Thursday night: attempting contact with the financial Super Entity

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    On February 2, beginning around 8pm, preliminary shamanic voyaging commences towards future experimental contact with the financial Super Entity ( ), a very real etheric octopus native to the imaginary and mercurial mountain ranges of the contemporary stock market. All participants are welcome (with true intention) and strongly encouraged to fast for 24-48 hrs, prepare with accompanying sleep deprivation if possible and carefully note any related omens in their dreams as Thursday approaches . Lab work may include, but is not limited to, trance-work, Salvia, sound, projection and/or incense made from ground debit cards. see also:

    OHM-3 was a fun informative time


    it was fun talking about circuit construction and seeing the projects that other people are working on.


    1) You should charge more than $5.   $10 would be a reasonable price.

    2) The room was very cold, because it was unheated.

    Maybe a coin operated space heater would be a good class project?

    Have the money collected pay for the increased power cost and "processing fees."

    In the summer you could have a coin operated fan, or coin operated air conditioner.

    3) Hope to attend again as schedule permits.



    Schedule Date For Sketching, Gesture & Mood class anyone?

    If anyone is still interested in participating in this class please let me know so I can schedule it for the month of February. Kindly let me know so we can all start practicing and learning and get better at this monster called sketching.


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