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Los Angeles

What's on the agenda for Saturday.

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We're for sure covering the following hardware: transistors, diodes, relays, shift registers, and h-bridge motor drivers. Once you've learned these things, you should be able to control and manipulate quite a few devices in the real world.


This class will be more of a hardware interfacing class than basic coding class. 


We'll try to incorporate machine-to-machine communications with the above projects. This will use the Serial object.


I'll bring in a few Arduino Shields to play with as well and we'll briefly cover expanding Arduino's functionality with importing libraries. (This depends more on everybody's current Arudino language skills.)

Any day OTHER than Wednesday....

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Oh no!! I can't make it on Wednesdays--any possibility for a resched???

:-( -a long time "learn mahjong" hopeful-

What you'll need for class.

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I highly recommend that you bring a laptop to class. While you can potentially look over somebody's shoulder, you're not going to learn as much as if you have your own laptop. I don't want to say it's absolutely required that you bring your own, but it pretty much is.


Please pre-install the Arduino software on your machine. We'll be using the current version, 0021:


It's 75MB, so if you wait until class to download and install, you'll just be wasting a lot of your time and the class's time.


We'll cover getting the drivers installed in class, but please, please, please take the time to pre-download the main software package before arriving.



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Thanks for the class and happy new year!tumblr_lcpr806ew51qzqi9uo1_500

VISION QUEST Field Trip Photos

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Shamanism Field Trip - Maze Stone Petroglyph in Hemet

Here is a link to my Flickr set of images from our Vision Quest/Field Trip.

Big thanks to Lily and Yoon Ha for arranging such an amazing day!

Pavlos Hatzopoulos – 3+1 notes on wikileaks

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Pavlos Hatzopoulos – 3+1 notes on wikileaks


1. Wikileaks inhabits the terrain of the liberal notion of transparency

File on Harry Hay founder of the modern gay rights movement and identified member of the Communist Party USA

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"Subject joined the Communist Party in Los Angeles, California in the spring of 1934, but subsequently dropped out. He rejoined the Communist Party in Los Angeles in 1938, and was a member thereof in early 1950. Subject has also been active in or in connection with such organizations or publications as the Daily People's World, New Theatre League, Hollywood Arts, Sciences and Professions Councils, EARL ROBBISION Chorus, and the Independent Progressive Party."


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