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Los Angeles

what to prepare / bring for portfolio website class

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I assume each participant will bring there laptop.

If you're MAC based then the links below are for you. If you're on a PC look for similar programs.

Things you will need to download and do before out workshop meets:

If you already have a domain name for example and a host for your domain what you will need to have is:

1) the FTP log in for your site 

which is







2) the information to your MySQL database

If you don't have this information you should check your web host control panel or call your web host. 

You should get the following information:

- database host
- database name
- database username
- database password


Next to be prepared for class please 

go to


Ruby on Rails June 18/19

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Hi everyone, 

Ruby on Rails has been scheduled for June 18 & 19. If you plan on attending, please reserve a spot by checking out with the paypal button on the class page in the next day or two. If you'll be attending as a member, just let us know in the comments.

"In this class, we'll start from scratch and build a simple web app, deployed (publicly!) on Heroku. You'll learn the basics of MVC architecture, database communication, web forms, and how to organize a web experience. Based on time and interest from the class, we may also touch on topics such as: user accounts, integrating with other sites via APIs, live updates in the browser, email dispatch, and/or background processes. (Probably just as take-home assignments.) By the end of the weekend workshop, you will have built a simple site you can share with friends!"


Realizzare immagini usando programmi di grafica come Photoshop , indesign, illustrator

Realizzare immagini usando programmi di grafica come Photoshop , indesign, illustrator in modo veramente semplice e quindi a portata di tutti.


L'illustrazione è un mondo bellissimo che può regalare enormi soddisfazioni ma non si può dimenticare che è veramente duro e complicato alle volte... "Quello dell’editoria non è un mondo facile per chi comincia. Un giovane che muove i primi passi da autore o da disegnatore incontra molte difficoltà nel proporre il suo lavoro, raramente riesce ad ottenere anche semplici consigli da chi nell’editoria lavora già da professionista. In questo contesto un giovane rischia di scoraggiarsi e rinunciare ai propri sogni, oppure rischia di diventare facile preda di chi vive truffando proprio i giovani dilettanti. Negli anni abbiamo incontrato, visionato e consigliato molti ragazzi e ci siamo resi conto che il dilettantismo parla una lingua universale, una lingua che valica i confini regionali e il confine tra i generi editoriali.

Practicalities of Revolt 1 this Thursday!

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Just a reminder that we'll be holding our first session of the Practicalities of Revolt this Thursday at 8pm. For more information, please visit here.


If you bring a private security yard sign, it can be traded for a beer. We'll then be binding the signs into fasci and selling them as a limited edition TPS/OccupyEverything fundraising items!

Practicalities of Revolt 1

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Hello everyone,
The first meeting of Practicalities of Revolt has been scheduled for Thursday, May 26 at 8pm. In this first session Cara Baldwin, Ken Ehrlich, Michael Wilson and I will discuss the “practicalities of revolt” online: Electronic Civil Disobedience, the role of social networking in revolt (both through mobilization and magnification) and the organization of resources (both tactical and conceptual in facilitating revolution). The evening will also celebrate the launch of the new version of Occupy Everything [], that will act as a repository for information and materials generated in upcoming PoR classes. 
We will post some more early next week and a couple of readings. 
See you soon!

First Speculative Realism Conference - transcript

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The transcript to the 2007 Goldsmiths conference which first codified Speculative Realism is published in Collapse III, and available for download here:


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