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Los Angeles


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If you will be attending this weekend, please fill out the below questionnaire. It will help us get a sense of everyone's experience to better plan the course. Please fill out by tmr afternoon so we can also know who will need server space.



Some handy links

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Hey everyone,

Here are a couple of useful links and PDFs to have at the ready for this weekend's class:

Wordpress Codex - All the documentation for Wordpress

 CSS Stuff

CSS 2.1 & CSS3:

EM Calculator:

Software for Wordpress class

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Hi everyone,


Below is a list of software you will need for class on Saturday. Please download and install everything below and take a look at them before our meeting.





Text Editors (you online need one of these)

Coda: (OSX - paid)

Textwrangler: (OSX - free)

Notepad + + (Win - free)


FTP Client*

Cyberduck: (OSX/Win - free)

Introduction to Max/MSP/Jitter Class #1, 4/3/2011

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First meeting of class today was packed with information! We managed to cover everything from basic Max operations to waveshaping/buffers with MSP and even an involved technical explanation of matrices and planes in Jitter. It was a busy 4 hours and there's a lot more to discuss and explore next week! 

All patches from today's class can be found at -- thanks Luke!


Some pictures from class:

^^ yes

^^ syllabus (for text file --> here)

^^ class


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Dear all,


We are finally scheduling this class! It will be two days long, on April 9 and 10 from 11:00am-3pm. The class fee will be $100 for the two meetings.

We will provide a server for the class, so you don't need to come with a hosting company or anything already installed.

The rough outline of what will be covered in the two days is below:

 Class breakdown


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I've read In Praise of Shadows and some Mishima novels, but would happily read again to refresh and discuss.

still interested

I am still interested !  Andrew, what is the minimum or maximum number of people you would teach in a class ? How many sessions would you anticipate needing ? Costs of renting space at the workshop ? When would you be willing to start ? I have a couple of friends also interested....

Look before you leap

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Another thing to look at via Cara via Jasper:


Too Early, Too Late (Trop tôt, trop tard)

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Just got an email about the following happening at the Tate this weekend:


Céline Condorelli and Uriel Orlow present:

A Reflection on Revolution in Egypt:

Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, Too Early, Too Late (Trop tôt, trop tard)


Momentous events have been unfolding in the Middle East, pressing for meaningful ways to engage with what is happening in Egypt. As instantaneous newsfeeds pull us in different directions, there is a need to counter the speed of media coverage overwhelming our present. This event features a screening of the rarely seen film Too Early, Too Late (Trop tôt, trop tard) by Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, as a means to open up and reflect on the current moment. It will also include voices of artists and curators speaking from Egypt.



I'm a linguistics student....I would be interested in helping to teach this...


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