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"Artists struggle to make a living but the precarity of someone who has made sacrifices in order to produce the art that they choose is not equivalent to the precarity of the unskilled labourer holding down two or three part-time jobs just to stay above the bread line. Artists are creative labourers whose personality is performed in a virtuoso display, but this is not equivalent to the fast food worker who is instructed by her employer to add personal details to her uniform because the marketing department believes that this will add to the customer experience.

autonomy as self organising anarchism, autonomy as neo-liberal dreaming

This post was made to the blog for autonomy



I went to this discussion slash launch last week.

Leaving in an fairly indifferent mood it raised a tense issue once again which I have yet to see examined.

What is the distinction between autonomy as a form of resistance , and autonomy which is just expanding the terrain of Capital?

A pop-up shop hardly seems like the former and yet the language used to describe it is frequently full of inflections of the latter. precarity in art practice

This post was made to the blog for autonomy


I've only read the first essay so far but I'm interested in a number of points it raises, including the awarenss of cross-class precarity resistance and the fine line between autonomy and neo-liberalist ideology.

Flat Time House

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Meeting number one of Space of Learning took place at Flat Time House ( Sunday 13th July.

SoL's merged with an event in the current show at Flat Time House, titled NOIT School: Mental Furniture Industry, with some of the class taking place during the seminar it had partly inspired with the question "What are the possible spaces of education experiments?". An audio recording of this discussion, along with the presentations by Sam Thorne, Elena Crippa and Federico Campanga will follow shortly.


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