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The Public School Committee Meeting 01

DAN Elise Co, Sean Dockray, John Houck, Chandler McWilliams, Naoko Miyano, and Nikita Pashenkov met to establish processes and select classes: Intern. The Public School is looking for an intern (part-time at $12/hr), but its difficult to hire anyone because the procedures for running the school are still being sorted out, so how to establish the position? In addition to organizing the logistics, negotiating between teachers, students, and DAN (The Public School committee), the intern would create posters for classes, and would document the classes by appropriate means. DAN The Public School committee was formally named DAN (an arbitrarily personal name for a group of individuals? a productive misspelling of DNA?). DAN will have 5 rotating people and 1 non-rotating person (who is appointed by TELIC). Every 3 months, 2 people will rotate off of DAN and they will be replaced by 2 new people from the public. How is this decided? Not really resolved - we agreed that it was important for the new people to be actively engaged with and invested in the school (taken classes, taught classes, proposed classes, expressed opinions, wants to change things, etc.) These people will be active on the website, will subscribe to the deliberations list, will come to The Public School class. Committee members meet monthly to select classes; but they also engage people through the website so that questions, conflicts and potentially new ideas can come out of discursive interactions. communications The Public School is committed to an ethic of transparency in all ways, but especially with respect to power relations. The FAQ needs more attention; Public School committee meetings (like this one) need to be made available and open (which this summary is attempting to do). Newly proposed classes will be announced each week; DAN will conduct its work through the website or on the open, archived deliberations discussion list. "End of quarter show"? Could the instructor turn over outline for posting on the website? class selections With more than 80 proposals and a vague sense that we can offer between 5 and 10 classes in a month, how are selections made? What are the critera by which classes are selected? This will hopefully be an evolving process, reflecting the composition of the rotating committee, while also being to some degree continuous (what are the priorities of The Public School?) We went down the list in order of which classes had the most "sign ups." Each class was discussed - one questions that consistently came up was (a) can this class be found elsewhere? (b) how does this class relate to a context of cultural production? Language classes were a good case study - there are hundreds of places to learn languages in LA, why does The Public School need to do it too? Certainly a void could be filled, but the classes will need to articulate that deficit more explicitly. Some classes were given the go ahead to enter into a planning/ logistics process; some classes were designated as likely entering this process in the next couple of months; most classes were left in proposal status; and a few were put into a new category (NAND) which removes classes from proposals (without removing them from the context of the school). For a class to be NANDed, it has to be unanimous and it must be accompanied by a public explanation from DAN. Inasmuch as the offerings can communicate the priorities and ethics of the school, so can the obverse gesture (NAND). The results of the class selection process are communicated through the comments by DAN on the class proposal pages.


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Good day,

I read these notes from the meeting, and I deeply admire what is going on here: extraordinarily democratic and needed. I would love to be involved, but given writing and teaching, I could only do this from the end of May 2008 to the middle of September 2008. I would want to mkae sure I can give my all.

I have been on several committees before, and I have found them rewarding in many ways, on multiple levels, and I would love to serve on/for this committee/organization in any capacity. So, if you will, keep me posted. (See all contact information below.)

All my best, Robert

Robert Summers, PhD/ABD
alt e.:
202 N. Commonwealth Ave.
Apt. A
Los Angeles, CA. 90004-3631


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