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Ranciere: The Architecture of Thought: The Politics of Aesthetics

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For Rancière, any experience involves/evokes a (re-)configuration of the "visible" and the "sensible," an order of possible actions/enactments, and possible situations. In other words, the "distribution of the sensible" (Rancière) defines a "system" that opens up the ability -- if not the possibility of the possible -- to perceive the existence of something held in common ("the common of the community") and the torsions ("dissagreements") that apportion places and parts within, as well as around, it. Thus, this theoritcal position(ing) entails that there is both a politics immanent to artistic praxes and that there exists no political configuration which is not always-already founded on a decision regarding the visibility of its pieces and spatio-temporal possiblities and multiplications. Thus, in this proposed class, which will be held, I hope, during the College Art Association's annual meeting, which takes place in February 2010, I would like to explore the politics, possiblities, and potenialites of Rancière's "distribution of the sensible," "politics of aesthetics," and "political disagreement" -- as well as the differences and similaties (in-)between "art," "aesthetics," and "politics."  In a sense, explore the architecture of Rancière's theoretical thought(s), and how it is played out and can be played out in art and architecture (and even beyond to the everyday).


just found this and am very interested!! is it happening soon??

I would appreciate it if this could be scheduled in the evening. Since this class will occur on a weekday, I think it would be appropriate for it to be scheduled so that people with 9-5 jobs can still attend. I would probably be able to rearrange my days Friday to come, but a time in the middle of the day would not work for me.

Hi guys, So professor Baldacchino says he can teach 2-3 sessions (2-3 hours each) in late April early May on Fridays. Any suggestions from those of you interested in the class of what time and where we could meet?

Incorporating comments before, how about weekend days in May?

I am in...for May or June.

Sounds great, before summer though!

Who from this list is in? What days/times are people free? I emailed Professor Baldacchino to see if he could do it now. I think a 2-3 sessions would be good - what do you guys think? I was thinking weekends?

Could we just do a couple of meetings? I am definitely in favor of a 'class,' or even a discussion group.

Hey guys, I agree - I've been waiting for this class FOREVER. What's the deal? Let's get professor Baldacchino to teach the class now? All in favor say yea! When are you folks available? I'm free on weekends...

I've been really excited about this class for a LONG time! Is it ever gonna happen??

@scsquibb - looks like you were moving forward on scheduling in January ... what's the deal?

John, thanks so much! This sounds excellent. What would be a good time frame for you on this? I'd like to go ahead and schedule as soon as possible...


I have been waiting for this class for a long time...thanks for offering to teach it, John. I hope it happens soon.

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is there any particular reason why this class should be held during CAA? either way, i think we should fire this up and schedule it...

Let me know if you still need someone to teach this class. I have run a series of courses on Radical Aesthetics and Radical Philosophies and Education at Teachers College and we invited Ranciere to give a lecture there (the previous year we had Laclau). The class was highly successful. You can still find archived details of this event in Study Place:

It all depends on time and availability. But let me know. Also there is a new book on Ranciere and Education written by Gert Biesta and Charles Bingham with a contribution by Ranciere himself. That could be a locus of discussion (to start with).

John Baldacchino

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i take it that this still hasnt happened yet?

I'd potentially be interested in teaching this class. I'm not really an expert on his work but I've written on Ranciere in the past (see for example this review in The Drama Review, and am pretty sure I'd be capable of doing it, especially if the course wouldn't happen otherwise.

There is indeed. We're still trying to find a teacher. Do you have anyone in mind? Regardless, we hope to get this scheduled in the next week or two.

Is there anything happening with this class?

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I meant NYC CAA 2011, but wrote 2010. Nonetheless, I am having a panel for CAA in NYC on Ranciere, and Chicago is not that far from NYC. To answer your question more clearly, it is a working through and a preparation.

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so is this proposal for NY (pre-chicago preparation)?

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isn't the 2010 caa conference being held in chicago?


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