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Making Furniture

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Hands on workshops on the essentials/fundamentals of woodworking.

Participants come up with their own designs and make a simple piece of furniture: shelf, coffee table etc.

Future workshops could be more advanced workshops.


awaiting word!

excellent, caleb!

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hi everyone,

Met with a friend last night who will be able to teach and has a space that can be used. Will post more information by the end of the weekend!


Space, insurance, tools - all good points Laura. Fantastic that you sourced a teacher.

I propose that everyone interested in the class (you are reading this message so that means YOU) keep their eyes open on the street. In my neighborhood, unoccupied buildings are not uncommon. Amongst the collective - I'm confident a space will present itself.

I know nothing of insurance. A wood-working safety pre-class perhaps?

As for tools - I have a few but I'm hoping as a group we could share, borrow, trade and so on. might be a resource as well.

I took a machine woodworking class at Otis* this past fall from which I learned some very basic woodworking skills. I also acquired a small variety of woodworking tools (e.g., japanese hand saws, chisels, clamps) and I have a couple excerpts from books on joints & woodworking techniques that I could upload & share. It will be difficult to hold a class like this without access to multiple table saws and a planer. I know that my former teacher has been looking for a shared space for woodworking outside of the private art school setting. He has reached a few hiccups in regards to finding a proper space and insurance costs.

Does anybody have an idea of a space where this class could be held and does anybody have big power saws?

*The Otis class is taught every fall and spring semester - one night a week for 10 weeks - but it is somewhat costly.

Very much interested in this class. Anyone know some furniture designers in L.A. we can recruit to teach?

Absolutely interested! I've wanted to attend an open workshop to build things for a few years now. Shared tools and space post art school. Perfect!

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I am definitely interested.
Any idea who may teach?


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