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Call for LACMA class proposals

The Public School will be holding some classes during October and early November inside the Richard Serra sculpture at LACMA, at the invitation of Machine Project. If you want to make a class proposal for this context, then make sure to put something in the description (like "THIS ONE'S FOR YOU RICHARD"). On Saturday, October 4, we will have a class in the sculpture to look at the proposals and decide what classes to schedule there over the following several weeks. The sculpture has two interior spaces and so you are welcome, but not required, to propose dialectical classes. October 4 details: We will be meeting at 2pm to discuss what classes to hold over the next several weeks. This is free and open to everyone - go to LACMA, to one of the ticket booths outside of the BCAM, and tell them you are there for the "Serra Session" with Machine Project. Should this fail, ask for Liz Glynn (who is coordinating the event). Click here to see what has been proposed so far!



what time on the 4th of the october?


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