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watercolor/ink painting/drawing

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Loosen up! I'd start the class by doing some simple exercises and movements to release some tension & get everyone loose in the wrists, head and shoulders.

Get down! Set up would be where-ever you feel most comfortable (I like the floor!)

Dig in! The class would be a lot about method & technique of putting water-based colors on different kinds of paper. It's helpful to start with a pencil drawing, we will be doing sketching and using the watercolors to accent the drawings. Then, we will draw with the paints and discover how layering can make a painting really dynamic.


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I would love to attend this. Watercolor is a very challenging medium, and I think a focus on technique and method would be very helpful.

Would love to work on painting techniques with ink, acrylic and mixing found materials (large and sloppy). Collaborative projects are also rewarding. In the event of bringing materials, the longer the session the better. Maybe an over nighter, or is that too crazy?.


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