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"Strategies Against Advertising" blog

Some practical ideas I have been applying or thinking of applying

- Adding pink speech bubble tabs (available in Saiturinpörssi) in adds with some text on them, for example "Pay for nothing - buy an image." (in Finnish)or "You are what you read." (in Ilta-Sanomat add). - On metro stations magazine tabloids can be swapped on many locations quite freely. I have replaced them for example with cartoons (from Gado and Bizarro) and illustrated info on how the advertisers are trying to fool us. This would be nice medium also for counter-advertising. Copying A3 posters with colours in libraries costs 40 cents each. - Removing in-your-face sticker adds from busses´ seats. - Some add banners are mounted on bridges that go above heavy traffic roads. Cutting cable ties and removing the entire banner could be done easily. Haven´t done that yet but I once mounted a banner of my own. - Trying to find a cheap street stand for some poster to confuse people. It could be mounted for example on Narinkkatori. - Buying small add space from magazine like Metro for counter-add slogan. - Sometimes I have substituted speech bubbles with transparency film. It works almost like sticker because of static electricity developed in brief rubbing on wall etc. I have been copying a squirrel character from a paper placed under film. So it´s quite a nice medium for street art and confusion purposes also. I somehow like the idea that anyone who doesn´t like them has freedom to remove them easily.


I like the idea of a fake/confusing poster stand somewhere on a street, or Narinkkatori. The poster would have to be very confusing to catch people's eye, as ads can be quite confusing nowadays as well...


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