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Practical Electro-Mechanisms

Organizing Committee:

Different electro-mechanical elements would be introduced and demonstrated. The optimal application for these elements should also be discussed so students know when to use what in their own projects. Do I used a DC or stepper motor for a situation where exact rotation is necessary...a pnuematic piston or linear actuator when i'm lifting something heavy? I think the circuits necessary to drive these elements would also be interesting. How to use relays, transistors, diodes and so on.
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For those on the interest list who have taken this class and feel ready to go a step further with microprocessor circuits, a new 8-bit Lab workshop scheduled for August 23rd may be of interest:

We'd also like to (pre-)announce a new membership program at The Public School that will allow students to take an unlimited number of classes with a $200 annual membership. For those of you who have taken a previous 8-bit Lab class (or other classes at TPS), we'd like to offer the opportunity to apply a credit from those classes towards the yearly fee. If you become a member, any future 8-bit lab classes are going to cost you $10 to cover the materials cost only. If you are interested in this membership offer, please email sean at

I'd like to take this class if there is enough interest to schedule it again.

Class notes for the workshop are now available at:

Some of the details are brushed over a bit, but the gist of what we covered in class should be there. The comments on the class pages don't work properly yet, so if you have any feedback please post your comments in this thread.

: nP

PS. Just a reminder: there are two days left to sign up with a 10% discount for the next 8-bit lab workshop (, scheduled for July 18th!

Thanks for your comments guys! Esef, I'm going to go ahead and propose another Introductory workshop in the coming days, so watch out for it in the class proposals. Since this class took place not too long ago, it may take a little bit of time to build enough interest, but let's see what happens. In the meantime, the next 8-bit Lab workshop on audio has just been scheduled for July 18th:

I'll be posting the notes from our class later this week and post the link here. Stay tuned!
: nP

This is a great class. The 3 hours is packed with useful information on motor controls with the Arduino board. I feel that I can now tackle some of the projects I've thought about in the past but couldn't get started because I was intimated by all the different wiring in the a stepper motor and how to attach it to a microprocessor. Thanks.

good stuff today. deff want to get more knowledgeable on the basics and take the intro class.

We'll send out an additional reminder email to those who have registered for the class later this week. The meeting place is our classroom at 972B Chung King Road (entrance is located in a narrow alley between Chung King road and Hill street.. it may be a little tricky to find for the first time, so please take a look at the map on this page:

As usual, we encourage the students to bring their laptops to class and download/install Arduino software ( Electronics will be provided by The Public School. Of course, feel free to bring any of your own hardware to class for show-and-tell and possibly to get it electro-mechanized!

The registration for the class is now closed, but there may still be a spot for one or two interested parties. Please email dan at if you are ready to commit ($50) to register in the next couple of days.

i just signed up. will an additional email be sent out w/ more detailed info on what to bring, where to meet, etc?

This class has been scheduled for Saturday, June 20th (11am-2pm) as part of the on-going 8-bit lab series at The Public School. It will be a hands-on workshop, so a bit of experience with electronics is recommended.

Sign up for the class ( by clicking on the "buy now" google checkout button. Registration deadline is June 13th.. sign up by May 23rd to get a 10% discount!

PS. Another electronics class at TPS that may be of interest is 8-bit Lab: LEDs (, on May 23rd.


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