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Urban Plein Air Society of Los Angeles

Organizing Committee:

A class of artists/people interpreting different public spaces in Los Angeles. Plein Air is a traditional method of painting/image making popular before the convenience of digital photography. It's a little antiquated. But aside from all notions associated with the practice, it would be interesting to take this technique to the various man-made landscapes of Los Angeles, such as the L.A. River. This isn't a technique class, and not about creating a perfect image, but more about the experience of examining the our landscape in depth, and what that might teach us. Also, in lieu of a course fee, everyone could bring cookies.


Tomorrow's plein air meetup (Sunday Sept. 13th) has been CANCELLED. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused! UPASLA is going to take a hiatus, and we'll be back in a couple months with some exciting new programming. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the last 6 months!

Thank you to everyone who participated by submitting their work for our Urban Plein Air show! Your paintings were a great addition to the space this summer. The Public School is moving into a new space on Chung King Road in the coming weeks and unfortunately we won't be able to have the paintings and drawings hung again in time for the art walk next month. We will have work available for pick-up beginning tomorrow. Please come by any Friday or Saturday between noon and 6pm. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!


Hi Everyone,
Seems like there will be another Chinatown Art Night event on September 12, the night before our next meeting (Brief info is at Since Public School still have our artwork, are they planning to show it again on September 12? Let me know if that's that case, so I can invite more friends to show up!



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Hey guys -
Thanks to both Kristin and Shiho for suggesting painting at the beach! Awesome idea.

We will be meeting in Marina del Rey this Sunday 8/9, where BALLONA CREEK (one of the tributaries of the LA River) empties into the Pacific.

We will be there during our normal time, from noon to 4, but as always come by whenever you like.

Bring beach umbrellas, sunscreen, hats, shade etc.

And to prepare for our super smooth plein air chill sesh in Marina del Rey, check out Yacht Rock

see you Sunday!
Lily and Daniel

Hi everyone,

Let me know what time/where we're meeting on August 9 since I have another event to attend in the morning.

Also: since being too hot is understandably an issue, for future classes, we can meet at the mouth of the river in Long Beach, where it's a bit cooler. If anybody wants to veer off the river, West LA/beaches area are still pleasant, about 75 degrees and breezy.



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hey plein airers,

sorry to cancel again, but it's TOO HOT TO PAINT outside. 85 degrees and counting tomorrow, so instead of meeting outside as a group we will temporarily become the URBAN AIR CONDITIONED PAINTING INDIVIDUALS OF LOS ANGELES and paint on our own from the comfort of somewhere with a/c or at least a fan.

we WILL convene again August 9, shine or shine. if it is still hot at that time, we may make it an evening class. stay tuned!

congratulations again on a great exhibition!

Lily and Daniel

NOTE: In light of our recent activity and Lily being out of town, we're going to rescheduling our session for the 19th to the 26th. Thanks for a great show last weekend!

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The opening for the plein air exhibition will be this Saturday, July 11 from 6 to 9 pm.

Final drop off for the show at the Public School is this Thursday and Friday from noon until 6pm!

Telic Arts Exchange (it's in the alley)
972B Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012

More detailed directions here:

When we have more info about the opening we will post it here

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yo! plein air today July 5

12-4 pm

Egret Park one block southeast of Riverside Dr & Oros St. in Elysian Valley



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