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Organizing Committee:

This reading/discussion group will explore Deleuze and Guattari's theories on "the" nomad, nomadism, and nomadology -- which all are articulated in their important text _A Thousand Plateaus_. We will explore it as a possibility for living an "alternative" existence in our current "control society" -- so a modality of an aesthetics of existence. And, we will explore how it relates to theories on diaspora. We will also look at how it has been critiqued -- for example by Spivak who argues this is but one example of "white men using the lives of others for their own thinking", and how art historian Miwon Kwon is ambivalent about "nomadism" (in her text _One Place After Another_ [MIT Press] and her essay in _October_ with the same title), and what this may mean for critical theory, artists, art, and art history. This reading/discussion group will take place once, and it will be related to another class titled "Vagabondism" (to be posted). If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions, then post them here or email Robert Summers at robtsum (at) gmail dot com



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Books mentioned in class:

Agamben, Giorgio. _State of Exception_
Butler, Judith. _Precarious Life_
Deleuze and Guattari, _On the Line_,
Hardt and Negri, _Empire_ (Negri was friends with Guattari, and
_Empire_uses a lot of D&G's ideas) and _The Multitude_
Ranciere, Jacques, _The Politics of Aesthetics_ and _The Future of
the Image_ -- as well as everything on

Books used in my notes:

Bey, Hakim, _T.A.Z._
Braidotti, Rosi, _Nomadic Subjects_
Kaufman, Eleanor, et al., eds., _Deleuze and Guattari: New Mappings in Politics,Philosophy, and Culture_
Olkowski, Dorthea. _Gilles Deleuze and the Ruin of Representation_
Parr, Adrian, ed. _The Deleuzian Dictionary_
Serres, Michael. _Genesis_
Serres, Michael. _The Parasite_
Stivale, Charles. _The Two-Fold Thought of Deleuze and Guattari_

As ever, Robert

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Please try to bring D&G's _A Thousand Plateaus_ (_ATP_) -- or the small Semiotext(e) bookon "Nomadology and the War Machine"-- the section we are going over is also on under Deleuze. You also _don't_ have to bring the text/s, given there will be much to discuss and much to explain and expand upon. I look forward to your participation and helping think through this section of _ATP_.

As ever, Robert

PS: we will only briefly discuss Kwon's essay "One Place After Another_ and Spivak's "Can the Subaltern Speak," which are both on

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_Anti-Oedipus_ and _A Thousand Plateaus_ are different but yet related: it is their (D&G's project of undoing a great many received ideas). I would argue _A Thousand Plateaus is more interesting and radical in its undoing of philosophy and psychoanalysis, etc. Also, for specifically the Nomadism class we are reading from _A Thousand Plateaus_, the 12th plateau on nomadology ..


answered my own question. sorry. thanks!

what's the difference between Anti-Oedipus and A Thousand Plateaus - they both have Capitalism and Schizophrenia tagged to the title line. Same book? I'm thinking of going and buying it for the class.

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The Kwon essay is "One Place After Another" essay on a.aaaarg and the Spivak essay is "Can the Subaltern Speak" on a.aaaarg
But, the focus of the class will be on D&G and there plateau 12 -- which is on "Nomadology". I apologize for not making this clearer.


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In your class description you mention a Kwon essay and something by Spivak. Are these readings going to be made available before class?


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i'll send you my notes and the notes i take in class. i just emailed adam and sean to see if we can skype or podcast.
as ever, robt

PS: technical snafus aside i loved the class tuesday! thanks!

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hi robert will this meeting be accessible via skype for remote participants? if not please be sure to record the conversation for future posting. it would be great to listen and/or join in!


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For the text -- which is in D&G's _A Thousand Plateaus_ (ch. 12), and it is in the small text by Semiotext(e) titled _Nomadology: The War Machine_, which can be purchased at Skylight Bookstore on Vermont in Echo Park and Book Soup in Hollywood, see (for free)

The Class will start promptly at 2:00 PM, and we will mainly focus on D&G's "nomadology" -- as well as show some video clips and images.

Any questions? Please email me:

Thanks, Robert



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