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Recording in Apple Logic 8

Organizing Committee:

This class will teach recording in Apple Logic 8 for new users who are unfamiliar with Logic's functions - which means everything that is essential to know about recording and finishing a project will be taught and after this class one will feel comfortable to move onto experimenting with many other features that Logic 8 offers. Setting up, recording, arranging, editing, mixing and finalizing projects will be covered in this class (for both AUDIO projects as well as MIDI projects.


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hey there shuaksky..
there is no computer there..
but i think we can work something out for you.
contact me here -
and we'll talk about it. thanks!

hey there shuaksky..
there is no computer there..
but i think we can work something out for you.
contact me here -
and we'll talk about it. thanks!

shuaksky's picture

I have Apple Logic, but no laptop. Is there a computer at the school that I can use?

hey everyone! i am looking forward to this class finally taking'll be fun :)
make sure you are comfortably set-up with logic (or you are welcome to just come and watch if you cant get logic) and if you have any particular questions, make sure you keep them in mind.
see you soon

Sorry about the sudden change of dates.
Something has come up for me and it through
off very much of my scheduling for July.
I am still looking forward to this class taking place.
I would like to work with everyone who has already registered
to come up with dates that work for everyone.
This is what Public School and I came up with:
August - 8, 15, 16 from 4-7pm.
If this works then we will schedule it, if it doesn't work
then we'll look at our other options and I'll run it by
the Public School.
Thanks! And sorry again for the changes.
In the meanwhile, please look into getting set-up
with whatever form of Logic is possible for you.
Logic Pro 8 would be best, but if this isn't going to be possible we
can work with whatever you may be running at the time
since Logic has remained essentially the same.

Yes, the dates just changed because the teacher's schedule has made him unavailable in July. If you will not be able to make the class in August, we will surely refund your payment. Please send specific questions about refunds to

We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

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did the dates change to august somehow? i just signed up & paid,
under the impression that the class was starting next sunday, june 28th.
i may be out of town in august...

the dates are as the are listed on the page. so, definitely the 28th (sunday)

Is the first date the 29th (Monday) or the 28th (Sunday, like all the other dates listed)?

This class has been scheduled and you can register by purchasing the class through the Google checkout button above.




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