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Gold Leafing

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In this class students will learn about the different metal leafs available: real gold leaf, silver leaf, composition gold leaf and variegated composition gold leaf and the tools used to gold leaf. Second, the class would learn about sizing, brushes, and how to apply the gold leaf on the chosen surface. To conclude the class, different sealers with be discussed. The teacher will provide materials, students will need to bring in an object to gold leaf. There will also be a $15 materials fee payable to Sara Simon.


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This class is scheduled again for December! The cost is now only $20, including materials fees. To sign up, click on the "Buy Now" button on the reproposed class page:

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I mean, I CAN teach the class in November.

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I teach the class again in November.

Gold Leafing Workshop is tomorrow at 2pm!
Please come with an object to gold leaf, all other materials will be provided. Space is limited, so if you haven't signed up yet, please click the "buy now" button on the class page or rsvp in the comments below.

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Nadege- This will be an introductory class, we will be working with composite gold leaf. I have been gold leafing professional for 2 years and doing it for my art work for 6 years. I have done many interesting jobs and may be able to show you some tips or unorthodox ways to work with gold leaf. I would hate to bore you or waste your time but would love to have your input in the class. Please feel free to email me with any other thanks.

I am planing to come and I will pay cash at the class
Sara, how long have you been doing gold leaf and will you be going beyond
beginning introduction because I have already been doing work for a couple
of years on a limited scale but am looking to take my technical expertise
up a few notches. Thanks for any info and response.

RSVP please!

If anyone is planning to attend, but prefers to pay cash in person rather than using google checkout, please RSVP below.

Gold Leafing is now rescheduled for Saturday, August 29th! Please note the class fee has been reduced to $10. Register by clicking the google checkout button.


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