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The Elysian Park Museum of Art

Organizing Committee:


"The Elysian Park Museum of Art" proposes a re-considering of the 600 acre Elysian Park, located adjacent to downtown Los Angeles, as a museum space. This class would be a workshop in which each participant curates an exhibition (installation, performance, action, etc) in the park. Special consideration is made to the ecology of the park itself, the diverse ways in which it is already used, what's right with the museums we already have, what's wrong with them, what can be done better, what is a museum, what is a park, etc. The class structure would include a schedule of guest speakers from existing museum institutions, as well as a list of texts for reading and discussion that will help illuminate some of the above considerations. could meet over several sessions or semi-regularly in an ongoing way.



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we will be CONTINUING TO MEET through the summer and beyond as we present our projects and determine the life of the museum post-public school class... the next meeting is APRIL 4th at 12 noon, we will be meeting by the grace e simons lodge to view an installation nearby by amy howden-chapman.

this meeting is open to the public, and anyone who is interested in taking part in the further life of the museum is welcome to stop by...

hope to see you...!!

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if you get a chance, check out the hong kong community museum project:

doing something similar to epmoa in hong kong... nice to see how they've identified their goals in a slightly different way, but we could definitely learn from some of the questions they are asking (and answering!)

this afternoon at 6 pm east coast time they'll be on skype if anyone is interested in listening in / joining in the public chat....

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this sunday is our last officially-scheduled meeting through the public school, although, as we agreed, we will continue to meet for the presentation of people's projects at least through april... so if you're around, it would be great to see everybody and get a good idea of where this project is headed post-class... yes!

we will plan to meet from 12-2 pm at the marian harlow garden at the northwest corner of the park, marked on our google map:

there is one text i'd like to get a chance to discuss, this history of the founding of los angeles MOCA:

ALSO cindy will you be bringing postcards for us to send out?

ALSO one big thing coming up is that we will start working with LACE ( at the moment the idea is to have them start actively participating in sponsoring / promoting / curating events with us through the summer, and then we install something in their space and create a condensed program of things to happen both in the park and at LACE for the month of october... it would be amazing if we can come up with some ideas of how we'd want the class / projects to be represented in this, and also see who among us wants to stay on with the project and coordinate things with them... official representatives!


see you soon ! ! !

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i'm thinking we should meet today at the gardens near the top of park drive, in the northwest corner of the park... easy parking / walking in from park drive, and several interesting walking directions we can take from there if we choose.

i've marked it on the epmoa google map as "gardens" (although i know they do have a proper name, we'll find out what it is in a second!):

12-2 pm... hope to see you there!
ps my phone number again, in case you are lost: 401 499 6935

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• we will be meeting this sunday january 17th from 12-2 pm at the picnic area off of solano canyon drive -- see the map for the location marked "picnic area":

• at the meeting, anyone who has gotten short shrift on the presentations of their projects-in-progress thus far will be given a sympathetic ear. we will then go for a walk and try to find a park-using public...!

• readings we will be happy to discuss with eachother while we walk are here:

charles garoian "performing the museum"
william cronon "the trouble with wilderness"

• i've set up a calendar to keep track of anything related to the museum programming... i'll send you all invitations in a second so you can add to it... a publicly viewable version will live here:

• there's a thought to add at least one more meeting after march... as a makeup for scrambled january, but also just to see some of these projects through to the end, and leave things in an open way to encourage a continued life of the museum... thoughts?

• if you CANNOT make it this sunday it's no big deal... understandable. the next regularly scheduled meeting is FEBRUARY 7th... let's plan on getting together in as much force as we can muster then.

Hi Group
I wanted to apologize for the late message, but I think because of the holidays and getting back in the swing of things we are going to post-pone tomorrow's meeting till next Sunday the 17th.
We will be meeting at the picnic areas (elysian fields). We will spend much of the meeting updating one another on our projects and finishing going over proposals. If you any visuals that you have for your projects, bring them to show the group.
We will post articles on aaaarg in the next few days, as well as parking directions.
I look forward to seeing everyone next week.

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the january meeting of this class has been rescheduled for JANUARY 10th 12-2 pm at a to-be-determined location inside elysian park. all other class meetings will take place at their scheduled times.

this notice is posted here on the class page as a formality... to follow all of the discussions for this class please visit / join our google group:


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i mean this one, the visible one, not the invisible one:

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aaaaaah these links! try this one for the epmoa map:

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we will be meeting this sunday december 6th from 12-2 pm in the park.

the location we were thinking about is the angels' point sculpture
pavilion on the ridge to the east of where we were last time... i've
marked it on the google map:

...let me know if there's any confusion about finding it...!

the plan for the meeting is for each of us to prepare a brief
presentation / proposal on our projects... this can be as vague or as
specific as you like, with the intention being that we can start, as a
group, filling in a schedule for the next couple of months, as well as
to begin tracking down whatever resources we'll be needing to realize
these things.

ideally we'll be able to start having events / presentations of
projects beginning in january and extending through march... things
can take place outside of the first sundays if necessary... so maybe
start thinking about what kind of timeframe is best.

the possibility of changing the early january meeting to later in the
month was brought up at our last meeting... does anyone have any
preference on this?

there are two suggested readings that we will be referring to in

"the monumental gift" by christopher michlig (
"the uses of neighborhood parks" by jane jacobs (

we are continuing to add to the issue "the elysian park museum of art"



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