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Chinatown Outdoor Summer Chess Club

Organizing Committee:

This class will feature tables, chairs, and chess boards on Chung King Road, warm nights and refreshments.


when is the next one?

I had to miss out on the last session, but just wanted to bring this to everybody's attention:

Sunday night chess club in Echo Park, at the Stories cafe.

I will so be there, and my Queen's Gambit will be unstoppable.

May 2nd at 2pm sounds great! See you then.

ok, let's meet on may 2nd in the afternoon!

leilevi, hopefully you can make it. Given our open weekend schedule in the coming weeks, a sunday makes the most sense. We'll be sure to keep wednesday and thursday nights in mind for future meetings. That will make for good outdoor movie screening!

Please post any ideas and suggestions for related activities here on the class page!


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