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"Neoliberalism and Human Capital" blog

  • Reading for 3/28, Chile

    Hey All:

    Okay, all the reading has now been posted to aaaarg for this week.  I looked over André Gunder Frank's letters to Arnold Harberger and Milton Friedman and they are amazing documents, which I think will enrich the discussion next week, so let's add those to the list along with the intro and first three chapters of Valdes' Pinochet's Economists.  And of course the March 28 Foucault lecture will also be fore next week.  A few more pages than last week, but reading that will move faster, I think.

    For additional background reading, I've also added Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine to the aaaarg list, the appropriate sections of Chile of course.


    See you on Sun,



  • Machine Dreams


    If we are interested in transitioning into some discussions around game theory after our final session, this looks like it might be a good place to start:

    Machine dreams: economics becomes a cyborg science By Philip Mirowski


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