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semiotext(e) intervention series reading group

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Semiotext(e)’s Intervention Series offers polemical texts by intellectual agitators. Short, engaged, and highly focused manifestos, essays, and critiques, these palm-sized salvos address a variety of political and cultural topics but share a passion for provocation, and allow for more immediate excursions in Semiotext(e)’s ongoing mission of intellectual activism.


in this class we will read and discuss all six books in the intervention series. we will meet and discuss the books one at a time and in the order of their release (the coming insurrection, the screwball asses, the violence of financial capitalism, introduction to civil war, a thousand machines, the agony of power).



the coming insurrection - zen dochterman 9/18

the violence of financial capitalism - sean dockray 10/2

introduction to civil war - jason smith 10/16

a thousand machines - claudia (missfirn) 11/13

the screwball asses - liz glynn 11/20

the agony of power - Caleb Waldorf CANCELLED



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claudia (missfirn) asked to do a thousand machines. let me know which of those others you want to do and i will edit you into the note with the list. as soon as i hear back from zen we can get things scheduled.

Solomon, I could teach The Screwball Asses or The Violence of Financial Capitalism... although i would also love to do A Thousand Machines. Put me up for something if it helps get the class up.. and let's schedule it!


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zen if you are interested the coming insurrection thats fine. unless someone else really wants to do it, i would like to focus on a thousand machines. any takers for the other books?

Yeah, clootz is Jason. I'll be there for as much of this as I can.

I could facilitate discussion for the Coming Insurrection. Any time after September 1st. I will also email Jason Smith, who I think is the translator. Are Clootz and Jason one and the same?


I'd be happy to do civil war or coming insurrection...

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awesome. would it be ideal or awkward for you to do the session on Introduction to Civil War?

Hey all,
I'm happy to organize one of the sessions.

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please note. i offered to teach this class but only because i thought it would help get it scheduled faster. perhaps we can have different people run the sessions for each book? this way we could have at least one person well versed in each book and all it's reference material. does this sound like a good idea?


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