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Wordpress for Beginners

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New plan:

/******Original proposal******/

This class would be an introduction to setting up, designing, and developing your own Wordpress site (blog). The course would cover all facets from getting a server, to installing Wordpress, and learning a bit of CSS to customize the look and feel of your website. We would also go over integrating your site with Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, and Flicker.

Here a sketchy breakdown of the schedule:

Class 1:

Getting a server & (This would happen in advance with instructions provided to registered students)

Installation of Wordpress

Overview of all the components of your Wordpress site

Installation of  Wordpress Plugins to extend your site

    Class 2:

    Basic conventions of good web design

    Instructions on how to install Wordpress themes

    Instructions on how to customize your theme

    Basics of CSS

    Class 3:

    Implement your designs and further CSS skills

    Integration of Wordpress site with other social networking platforms

    We would be doing most of this work in class so students would need to have their own laptops. Students would be provided in advance with recommended software to install so at our first meeting we could hit the ground running.

    Also, students are free to come to the 2nd & 3rd class if they already have a blog setup and just want to learn how to customize it.



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    For those of you who attended or are interested in this class, but maybe want a quicker way to construct a portfolio, we are holding a class on Indexhibit on June 12th.

    From the Indexhibit class description:
    This class would walk you through the steps in making your own portfolio
    website. It will teach you how to use Indexhibit which is similar to
    Wordpress. Indexhibit is great for artists as it provides templates that are
    customized for portfolios. Indexhibit like Wordpress uses a database
    structure and provides you with a content management system (CMS).

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    i just emailed everyone who was in the class today. if you didn't receive an email, get in touch at la[dot]thepublicschool[dot]gmail[dot]com so i can send you some information for tmr.


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    ian asked: "should we get our hosting arrangements set up before the first class?"

    The answer is: we'll have a server available for you to use, so you don't have to. But you can if you want and we'll give you some specific guidance. Otherwise, we'll explain what to look for in a host during the class.

    iMac: Not a lame question! Sure bring it in, we have tables!

    if we don't have a laptop can we bring in an imac? is this a lame question?

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    Hi everyone,

    The PayPal button has been posted to the class page.

    (Someone asked and the answer is: Installing Wordpress on your own server will be covered!)

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    you can email me: la[dot]thepublicschool@gmail[dot]com

    I recently designed a website with wordpress, learning only some of the basics necessary. Who may I email about fielding some specific questions about the content of what will be included in this course? I definitely think I can expand on the WP fundamentals- but want to make sure this won't only reiterate what I picked up through online tutorials.

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    gotcha, thanks!

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    @jonobr1, please see the new plan that was linked at the top of the original proposal:

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    maybe I missed this, but how are the three classes spread out over 2 days?



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