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Infographics - research and agenda

Organizing Committee:


Hello.  For the infographics class, I was thinking that it could be worthwhile to start by examining a range of approaches to presenting complex situations through static graphic means. Through that we could talk about conventions, strategies, and limiltations of such images.  I am interested in the ways that information-rich and carefully constructed images could be used to advance research and design agendas rather than simply documenting existing designs or re-presenting data in another format.
Attached are some images from a range of sources that might serve as starting points. What do you all think?  Suggestions are most welcome!



Hello to interested participants!

For Friday's session, I am very open to different ways to engage the issues. As it stands, I am planning to show a series of images related to topic in order to raise some questions about the roles such graphics might play in a design context. For the second part, I think it could be nice to talk as a group about examples that you bring with you. These could be images that you think are particularly effective or they could be of your own production (work is progress is A-OK!). To that end, if you could come to the session with a digital slide (acrobat, powerpoint, or keynote) on a portable drive, we can consolidate the images on to one computer.

Please let me know if there are other suggestions or interests for the session.

Many thanks and see you on Friday.


Todd, Lars, Maria,
Hope all is well. Is there any update on a class schedule shift to Saturday? I would love to be able to make it, but not sure I could do it on Friday. If you can't swing it, please record it!
Hope all is well,


thanks for responding to the suggestion of a date change.
it seems possible, but we will need to check in with Columbia and get back to everyone here on the comment stream.

several potential students have requested a less impacted class time.

talk soon,


The afternoon of the 12th would also be A-OK for me.


Jesse and crew--
I was almost positive that December 11th was Saturday, but I have taken a closer look and see now that it is Friday.
Any chance for a shift to Saturday???
Saturdays are fatter days.

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this class sounds AWESOME! any way to schedule it at 6 that night? or... any weekNIGHT?


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