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Cinecultural Practice and the Political Avant-Garde

Organizing Committee:

In this class, we will view and discuss cinema from around the world, mainly focusing on the discursive essay-film. We aim to catalyze a space in which to explore under-known histories that have been archived in film, with special attention paid to postwar liberation movements, such as the Tricontinentalist and Non-alignment projects (as seen in such films as Hour of the Furances and Videograms of a Revolution). How can these films help us perform an archeology of visions of futurity? What potentialities are still available to us in these visions, and what does our relationship to them reveal? What sorts of political imaginaries can film build? What is the state of the political avant-garde in film?

We will curate a selection of films from the UK, France, Ghana, Senegal, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, and Vietnam, among others. It is our hope that the collective discussions that emerge out of these gatherings can catalyze new audiences, re-open debate and contention, get people thinking about/talking about/making new films, and use film as a screen against which to experiment with new possibilities.



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I wanted to specifically let the "Ambivalence" and the "Cinecultural Practice" classes know about the screening that we'll be having on Sunday of "Facs of Life." You can read more about it here ( but in a few words: it traces the legacy of Gilles Deleuze's thought through the lives of some of his students from the mid-1970s. I think it might relate to our discussions from the first two screenings and there will be more French. It is Sunday at 6pm (discussion with filmmakers) / 7pm (screening) at The Public School, 951 Chung King Road. Hope to see some of you there!

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This is just a reminder to everyone that the screening of Costa-Gavras' "State of Siege" is tonight at 7pm! ( For those who came to the first screening and are concerned about temperature, we'll be watching indoors tonight, but it still gets a little cool in our space so wear some layers. See you at 7!

For this next session, we will be screening Costa-Gavras' State of Siege. Little-seen but highly influential, the film is a ferocious and complex depiction of political struggle in Uruguay in the 1970's.

Is there a (tentative) play-list for the 31st?

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Hi everyone, Sunday's screening (December 20th) needs to be postponed because of illness(es). More info about the new date will be coming!


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