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semiotext(e) intervention series reading group

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Semiotext(e)’s Intervention Series offers polemical texts by intellectual agitators. Short, engaged, and highly focused manifestos, essays, and critiques, these palm-sized salvos address a variety of political and cultural topics but share a passion for provocation, and allow for more immediate excursions in Semiotext(e)’s ongoing mission of intellectual activism.


in this class we will read and discuss all six books in the intervention series. we will meet and discuss the books one at a time and in the order of their release (the coming insurrection, the screwball asses, the violence of financial capitalism, introduction to civil war, a thousand machines, the agony of power).

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Yo. Tonight at 7 we're looking at Tiqqun's "How is it To Be Done?" from #4, and #1 is on our potential reading list:

For those interested in this course, you might also want to look at "French Theory Today":

which will be held over five consecutive days:
* October 25: On the work of Catherine Malabou
* October 26: On the work of Bernard Stiegler
* October 27: On the work of Mehdi Belhaj Kacem
* October 28: On the work of Quentin Meillassoux
* October 29: On the work of François Laruelle

We are still interested in holding *this* reading group as well... suggestions of dates welcome!

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Our committee would like to make this happen in September. More info to come.

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no problem. i was just thinking that since we have the same proposal here in LA that it might be interesting to try to have some sort of interaction between the two classes.

The Public School New York currently has a home at 177 Livingston in downtown's always available for scheduling classes. The committee is meeting tonight and we should have more news for dates, etc., soon.

We don't really have the infrastructure in our space to do live streaming. But perhaps more importantly, we've sort've made it a TPSNY policy that, while classes are developed online, we meet in person.

super interested. i can probably find a space, too, if needed.

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hello new york city. would there be interest in attempting to organize this with los angeles (and possibly helsinki) using video streaming of some sort?


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