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Institutional Engagements

Organizing Committee:


This class is part of a course being taught by Bill Kelly Jr. called "Public Realm" in the MFA Public Practice program at OTIS College of Art and Design that attempts to navigate the numerous theoretical strands that intersect with contemporary public practices. During this session of the course at The Public School institutional engagements are being addressed. This class will be facilitated by two MFA students from OTIS and we will be discussing two readings:

Brian Holmes: Liar's Poker: Representation of Politics/Politics of Representation (2004)

Florian Waldvogel: Each one teach one: The Manifesta School (2006)




I and WCKaminski will be there.


I'll be there!

Hi all,

The class will be led by Otis Public Practice MFA students Nathalie Sanchez and Michelle Glass.
The format will be the following: A powerpoint presentation of the central points of each text followed by discussion.



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