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Mapping the Drawing Center

Organizing Committee:


A conversation with Katherine Carl, School of Missing Studies, former curator at the Drawing Center, New York. 


In the zoning plan for the Hudson Rail Yards the NYC Department of City Planning proposed an unspecified cultural institution, located between rail yard and Highline at the corner of 11th Avenue and W30th Street. As proposed, the cultural institution is a generic marker to ground the idea of the public. Taking the Drawing Center as a case study the class will discuss the possibilities for a radical open public building. 


In this context Katherine Carl will talk about the general philosophy of Drawing Center and will discuss the following questions: What makes the Drawing Center one of the most critical art instituions in New York? How does the institution engage with the public? How does the Drawing Center finance its activities? In which networks is the Drawing Center operating? What is the "vision" of the future Drawing Center? What would it mean for the Drawing Center to be radically open? What would need to be secured and protected from violation, theft and/or climatic impact? What fields (e.g. exhibition, collection, archiving, education etc.) does the Drawing Center cover and what are the spatial needs for these fields? What kind of artefacts that are exhibited or collected? Who is working at the Drawing Center and who is the audience (users, visitors etc.)?


  • Katherine Carl


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