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introduction to openframeworks

Organizing Committee:

This class is an introduction to openFrameworks, a cross-platform C++ library for creative coding. Especially created for artists and designers, openFrameworks is the ideal starting point for those who want to take their first steps in C++ programming. At the same time, it is an immensely powerful tool for developing more advanced projects, providing a simple and intuitive structure for experimentation with many other open-source libraries.


This class will be a chance to experiment with building new systems for interaction that move away from the screen and into physical space. 


To begin with, we will investigate the structure of OF and how IDEs work.  Then, we will explore the basics of coding in OF and working with media, such as sound, movies or live video.  Finally, we'll look at techniques like computer vision or sensor based interaction and how they can be implemented. 


This class is designed for artists, designers and hackers alike -- although we will assume a basic understand of computation (such as variables, functions, control structures) beginners shouldn't be afraid to jump in.


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here's some examples of OF in action: 



and an OF class that was taught in LA public school :


and video of an OF workshop in brussels we just did:


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