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Theory/Practice based workshop on the manifesto

Organizing Committee:

Theory: history and purpose of the manifesto in collective action/movements

Practice: Collaborative development of a manifesto based on combined knowledge, experience, and interests of class participents




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this is a reminder that the final session of the manifesto class will be happening in ten days. everyone is encouraged to write a manifesto and bring it in to the final session for presentation and discussion.

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hello everyone. as discussed at the previous meeting we will hold one final meeting on july 24th. everyone is encouraged to write their own manifestos and bring them to the class. we will read and discuss everyone's work and see what happens from there.

Sorry I missed Saturday's session. Did a manifesto get written?

nice manifesto i just came across:

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At long last, a second, more "practice"-oriented class session has been scheduled! Join us again on Saturday, May 15th at 1 PM at TPS. Hope to see you there!

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Due to a schedule conflict we are changing the time for this class to 7pm - 9pm on the same day (April 25th). Sorry for the confusion.

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An initial session of this class has been scheduled, with another session to follow if you so desire! Please click RSVP if you plan on attending!


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